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REWIND! Gogglebox stars make their first appearance – and some look very different

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GOGGLEBOX is celebrating a decade on the air next year – and some of its stars have been there from the start.

While many drifted away, tried to find fame elsewhere or sadly died, some of our favorites (hello Stephen Webb and the Siddiquis) have been there from the very first show.

As the beloved series prepares to return for an incredible 19th series, here’s how the stars looked like in their debut appearances.

It feels like Hull pals Lee Riley and Jenny Newby have been broadcasting from the trailer since the show began.

But the couple, who have known each other since she was landlady and he was a regular at her pub, joined in 2014.

They signed on after she was approached by researchers during a field trip to Beverley Racecourse, and then – over the course of nearly two hours – persuaded Lee to join her.

He’s seen in his early appearance with dark hair and a flip-up top, while Jenny looks almost exactly the same, although it’s been eight years.

In 2015, another pair of show favorites joined the party – Leeds sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner.

The pair were recruited by an old friend of Ellie’s who was trying to cast fun new characters for the Channel 4 show, with her reply: “Who would want to see us?”

However, they were chosen and have gone through a range of looks, hairstyles – Ellie is a hairstylist while Izzi is a mortgage advisor – and even houses.

As of last year, the show comes from the 1930s house that Ellie and her boyfriend Nat make up in Leeds.

Gogglebox OGs The Siddiquis are most commonly seen these days in a line of father Sid and sons Bassit and Umar.

But when they started in 2013, son Raza was also sitting on the sofa (the family’s mother, Nasreen, and her daughters have never shown up — although the grandchildren drop by occasionally).

The Derby family, famous for their cutting commentary on politics in particular, hasn’t aged dramatically in the past nine years.

However, Sid – who originally had jet black hair – is now more of a silver fox.

Brother and sister Sophie and Pete Sandiford are another couple who feel like they’ve been on the show forever.

But in fact they only appeared in the tenth season in 2017 – along with Amira Rota, the only newcomers from that year who are still on the show.

One major change that has crept in is the huge and exotic mugs the couple drinks from, very different from the plain white ones they have here.

The other half of the double might have changed – from Chris Ashby-Steed to his mother to Daniel Lustig – but Stephen is a true Gogglebox survivor.

Hairstylist Stephen, who went on the show with his partner Chris, who was only six months old, proved he was so successful he’s still going strong today.

He started in the first episode in 2013 and is still broadcasting today with husband Daniel Lustig-Webb from their seafront flat in Brighton.

Gogglebox veterans, the Malones, have been on TV of the Week since Season 3 in 2014.

The first appearance was a lineup of parents Tom and Julie and their sons Tom Jr. and Shaun, with daughter Vanessa not making her debut for another six years.

Tom, perfecting his disbelieving head shake from the start, is scowled by Mrs Doubtfire and Keith Lemon’s Through The Keyhole.

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