Friday, August 12, 2022

‘Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue’ on HGTV: Cast, Date, Storyline and Latest Buzz Around the Upcoming Season

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The new show is a spin-off of Rehab Addict and Rehab Addict Rescue, and Nicole Curtis will reprise her role as host

HGTV is bringing a brand new show to its viewers – Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue. Details about the show are rarely available, but audiences are still excited to see what would happen.

For now, it has been confirmed that well-known home renovator and monument conservator Nicole Curtis will be hosting the show. She was also the host of the spin-offs Rehab Addict and Rehab Addict Rescue. Curtis tried to share her thoughts on old homes that need to be kept safe while not replacing the original things with something else.


When will Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue be released and where to watch?

“Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue” premieres on July 13, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Nicole Curtis will return to her Lake Orion, Michigan home and complete the renovation of an iconic waterfront cottage. Known for restoring derelict old houses, she dates back to a 1904 house and also saved it from destruction. She now aims to build a beautiful lakeside retreat for her family.

Nicole Curtis is the only name confirmed for the show.

Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis is famous for restoring various homes in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Lake Orion, Michigan, and others. It mainly focuses on houses built before World War II and its aim is to restore old houses to their original form rather than renovate them with modern elements.


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Who stars in Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue?

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The creators and HGTV haven’t revealed much about the new show and we can’t predict what will happen in the first episode.

The names of the producers and crew members of the new show remain unknown.

There are no trailers or stills available for Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue.

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