Sunday, October 2, 2022

Regular or box braids? Blackpink Jennie’s new hairstyle has fans saying “culture volturi”.

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Jennie previously came under fire for wearing cornrows for The Weeknd’s HBO show “The Idol.”

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Looks like we’re back to the 2018 era when Blackpink were active and booked for gigs while haters tried to take them down. Well, Blackpink is back after a two-year hiatus with their million-selling album Born Pink, but surrounded by hate and rumor, from Jisoo, who was slammed for her singing, to Jennie, who was dumped for allegedly featuring BTS’ V was together. And with Jennie’s new braided hairstyle, many have taken her to call her.

While the girls prepare for their second world tour to 1.5 million viewers, Jennie has been busy with her modeling career on the side. She was recently roped up by tambourines and the first clip of her photoshoot caused quite a stir. With tight close-ups of her face, K-Pop Twitter marveled at her beauty. However, the next day, September 21, Tamburins released a video teaser showing the Blackpink star’s hair braided. Because the video is dark and doesn’t show a clear picture of her hairstyle, the fandom is divided. However, many fans think Jennie Box is sporting braids and once again engaging in cultural appropriation.


Did Jennie Wear Box Braids?

K-pop idols often come under fire for cultural appropriation, as a study was conducted and a culture professor speculated it will continue as idols and their labels are uninterested in learning about other cultures. In fact, idols end up making cultural appropriations to suit the West. This mostly involves mimicking black fashions and AAVE slangs. Just last year, Blackpink’s Lisa apologized for wearing box braids after Black fans told her it was insensitive, especially since she was doing it for a “badass” and “hip-hop” concept. And now, just weeks after Jennie was slammed for wearing cornrows on HBO show The Idol, fans think she should have been careful.

But Jennie’s case is a little more complicated. She is arguably one of the most hated K-pop idols. Ever since Blackpink’s breakthrough, the internet has bullied her online for the most absurd of reasons like dating EXO’s Kai or because she looked lazy on stage. Because of this, fans are now cautious as they believe that some trolls may take this opportunity to send hatred to Jennie regardless of the hairstyle as there is no clear video or picture. This argument is further strengthened as the same day the “lazy scandal” surfaced again when trolls claimed Jennie actively avoided part of the choreography of “Shut Down” to look cool.

One Black fan was confused: “Wait what’s the problem they aren’t cornrows or box braids or anything they look like regular braids.” Another wrote: “Your sick. They’re simple braids. When are you going to stop bothering her? What’s wrong with you? Does she have to apologize to you for breathing too? a**Holes.” One Black fan said, “Jennie’s NON-BLACK second fandom in qrt sit down it’s just regular braids.”

Another fan tweeted: “BLinks couldn’t be more transparent as Ls did CA they were rightly so mf loud and loud but when her meow meow JENNIE is legitimate culture volturi and using black culture as an aesthetic suddenly it’s no box braids and no cornrows. One fan commented: “So is it okay to hate Lisa for wearing a headdress that says it was made to copy a durag, but not with Jennie wearing braids made to look like dreadlocks? oh ok.” However, one user said, “Now is Jennie doing this on purpose? The braids… You can go on with the debates, I just know if I’ve been called out for wearing braids before, I would stay away from any other braids that might be in CA’s gray area just to respect theirs fans.”

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