Thursday, December 22, 2022

Ree Drummond says she’s “dying and crying” over the holiday throwback video and fans of The Pioneer Woman star are emotional

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Ree Drummond’s children are all grown and their youngest child, Todd, is about to go to college. The Pioneer Woman Star shared a sweet holiday clip with her son and admitted it had her in tears. Drummond’s fans, who watched the Food Network star’s children grow up on the show, were also emotional.

On Nov. 26, Drummond posted a clip from her show to Instagram that included a throwback moment that had her teary-eyed.

“I die and cry. In this morning’s new episode The Pioneer WomanI cook for my adult children before they come home for the holidays, and I also look back on a moment with Todd (ten years ago??) that breaks my heart considering he’s about to go to college ‘ she explained in the caption.

In the clip, Drummond noted “those special sweet moments” around the holidays, “like when Todd and I left treats for Santa so many years ago.”

In the mother and son flashback, Drummond asked, “Hey Todd, when you grow up, would you still come home and help me put treats on the fireplace for Santa?”

He replied, “You know.”

Drummond asked, “Promise?”

At the time, the The Food Network host said: “Best of all, I just love it when the whole family is together [for the holidays].”

Drummond’s fans reacted to the video, with many admitting that the throwback moment made them emotional too. “The fact that I watched them grow up on TV…who cuts onions so early?” asked a fan in the comments.

Another fan commented, “I can’t believe you’re with your last child and I’ve been watching you since day 1! Thank you for sharing your family and all of your lives and adventures.”

One of her followers wrote: “Bittersweet. There are days when I wish I could bring all my children under my roof when they are little again.”

Another fan commented, “Maybe I’m hormonal or I’m just a mom afraid her son is leaving but I’m crying.”

One of Drummond’s followers shared, “You and Todd laying out Christmas cookies for Santa make me cry every time!”

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Many fans shared their surprise that Todd isn’t that little boy anymore, leaving comments like “The years are going by way too fast” and “Todd goes to college? Are you serious?” Another fan commented, “Loved the show! Can’t believe the kids are grown already!”

Another stunned fan wrote: “Can’t believe Todd is going to college. You have a lot to be thankful for, Ree. Loving family.”

Another of Drummond’s followers commented, “I actually get so sad watching older clips for recipes from your shows when your kids were little.”

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