Saturday, June 25, 2022

Real Housewives star ripped for posting ‘thirsty’ and ‘awkward’ nude photos

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Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King bared her hair on a camping trip in Joshua Tree, California all weekend. The Bravo graduate posted several photos to her Instagram Stories showing that she was clad in just her sunglasses, a hat and a backpack while hiking in the national park.

She captioned one story “Yeah, I did that” and used pink heart emojis to censor certain areas. Another photo showed the RHOC alum after a topless swim. King captioned a third take, “Yogis have gone wild at Joshua Tree (I’m doing my best to celebrate my life on this planet).”

King also shared a few photos of herself doing yoga in the national park on her Instagram and wrote in the caption, “Took me off the grid and went camping in the desert for the first time ever. So if I don’t come back, you’ll find me in Joshua Tree.”

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Many of the fans who commented on King’s nude hike on Reddit said they didn’t find it practical to hike without clothes, with one person writing, “This seems sooooo uncomfortable.” One person said, “Seriously, there is nothing that catches the bead of sweat protects all parts from insects, sun exposure and all the seeking of attention.”

One person commented, “I did a 5 mile hike today and I want to throw up just thinking about doing it naked.” Another wrote, “Hiking can be rough even with clothes on. why lol It’s so awkward.” One Redditor wrote, “Ok I was literally just there today and it’s about 107 degrees and there’s also, um, sand. So this is… irresponsible.”

Some people asked if this was normal, and some pointed out that the people in the background of their photos were clothed. “Is it normal for people to hike there naked?” one person asked. Another replied: “No! What if she runs into a troop of Boy Scouts? Lmao.” One said, “No, there are some people in the background of their pictures and no one else is naked!” Another shared, “Why would you hike naked when everyone in the background is clearly clothed?”

Other fans shared that they wished King would still perform on RHOC, as one person wrote: “Bravo this woman hasn’t had a camera since her divorce is the worst casting mistake they’ve made at OC since they fired Vicki [Gunvalson] and Tamra [Judge].” Someone slammed the former star: “She seemed perfectly normal on the show but her behavior over the past few years has been weird and thirsty.” One person wrote, “Tell me you’re looking for attention without it to tell me.”

In early April, in an interview with E! News that she would have loved to return to The Real Housewives of Orange County, but the producers actually chose not to cast her. She said she auditioned for season 16 but “didn’t get it”.

King told the publication that she thinks it might be because she’s “a little boring, my Midwest sensibilities. I’m kind of just a normal person, you know, but I do interesting things.” However, she said she sees it as a good thing in the end because she should have moved back to California from St. Louis, and it is time obligation.

King recently came out of a brief but high-profile relationship with President Joe Biden’s nephew, Cuffe Biden Owens, and she told E! News that she wants a relationship with more “stability” and “similar value systems.”

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