Thursday, January 19, 2023

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills bosses are reportedly considering bringing back Lisa Vanderpump for Season 13

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills undergoing a cast change ahead of season 13. Now that Lisa Rinna has announced her official exit after eight seasons — and Diana Jenkins has also said she won’t be coming back — rumors are starting to really heat up about who will make the official cast. According to an insider, the Bravo bosses are actually considering bringing back Lisa Vanderpump.

January is usually the time of the cast RHOBA begins filming a new season — but not this year. The show is currently on pause while they find out who will get a diamond.

According to a tip to Bravo & Cocktails, the casting is not yet complete, test shoots are currently being carried out. The insider also revealed that producers are considering the return of Lisa Vanderpump, who is credited as LVP in the tip submitted.

“Casting for S13 is ongoing, test filming is underway, but none of the returning cast members have much to offer story-wise,” the insider said. “An LVP return has been considered as a mid-season storyline if the new cast doesn’t move the story forward, with a permanent return for S14, they’d like the reintroduction (if it occurs) to be more organic.”

The insider went on to say that Kyle Richards was “okay” with Lisa’s return because they “provided a preferred nations clause.”

During a recent appearance on See what’s happening live with Andy Cohenasked actress Jessica Chastain RHOBA Executive Producer brings Vanderpump back for Season 13.

When a fan asked Chastain who she would like to see return to Beverly Hills franchise, Chastain replied, “Vanderpump. She was the best.” Vanderpump was an OG on the series who left the franchise after Season 9.

“I am in love [her]I want to see her and Kyle back together,” Chastain said. “Maybe you need to get rid of someone to bring her back.”

In response, Cohen noted that it was an “interesting” and “timely question,” suggesting they were still in the casting process. However, he did point out that he didn’t think Vanderpump would come back to him RHOBA.

“I think she might. I think it has to be the right group of people,” Chastain said, laughing while admitting she didn’t know LVP at all.

After Chastain’s segment aired on Bravo, she continued her campaign for LVP’s return on social media. Alongside a screenshot of fans applauding Chastain’s suggestion that LVP return, she wrote on Twitter, “Ummmm your turn @Andy.”

Vanderpump noticed and chimed in, “No, Jessica, you’re doing it.” Then the two ladies walked back and forth. Vanderpump even joked that Chastain might join RHOBA Cast despite being “an east coast girl” because none of the cast members actually live in the 90210 zip code. Cohen also joined in the conversation, tweeting, “Go ahead!”

Though it doesn’t look like Vanderpump is interested in returning RHOBAthe fact that Garcelle Beauvais is appearing in season 10 of Vanderpump Rules could mean there’s a chance.

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