Thursday, December 2, 2021

“Real Housewife” star reveals suicidal past

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Bravo star Porsha Williams joined the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2012. In November 2021, the television personality spoke about her previous mental health problems People magazine. The former “RHOA” star sknew she wrote her upcoming memoir titled “The Pursuit of Porsha” as “very therapeutic and tough as hell”.

“I wanted to talk about those moments of desperation, how I got out of them and what it took to get there. Everything I’ve been through has made me who I am today, ”explained Williams.

The Bravo personality revealed that she fell into depression during her childhood. The publication found the Georgian-born girl was a victim of bullying as a middle school student and ended up “considering suicide”.

“I was too young to even understand what I was dealing with. It wasn’t until I was about 29 that I really identified with the word ‘depression’, ”said Williams.

The mother of one child announced that she went to therapy. She also noted that her five-month fiancé Simon Guobadia “is a huge advocate of therapy”.

“[H]He worked a lot on himself and I worked a lot on myself. I knew very early on that he was the right one for me, “explained the reality TV star.

During the interview with People Magazine, Williams also shared that she had suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter. Pilar Jhena McKinley, 2019.

“I had to survive to be a good mother to her. So when I got out of postpartum depression it was just one more thing that let me know that this is my little lifesaver. You know, I never have to go to a place that I don’t want to live anymore because I live for my daughter, “Williams said.

During one November 2021 Instagram livestream With “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant, Williams revealed why she decided to write her memoir. She stated that she wanted to help other women by telling her story and what she “learned”[ed] from messed up situations. ”

“It got to a point when I was thinking about my daughter. I was talking to my financial advisor who has daughters, I was thinking about my nieces, I was just thinking about the women around me, and I was thinking you know what makes some of these encounters convey to me. Let me share some of those lessons that are hard, really, really hard for me to learn as a young woman, as a young girl, ”explained the author.

While speaking to Gizelle Bryant on Instagram live stream, Porsha Williams shared that she appreciated the way the ‘RHOP’ star treated herself during the show’s recent reunion episodes. The 40-year-old complimented Bryant for not taking negative comments personally. Williams that she “always liked these people”.

“I’ve always been someone who let or let people talk about me. All the way from a kid who was bullied and I believed it. You know you say I’m thin with big teeth, I am that, I am that. I believe it. I’m getting older, I meet men, they talk about me and tell me what they want from me, I try to be what they want, ”explained Williams.

She explains that the problem continued when she joined the cast of “RHOA”.

“Become a grown woman on a show like the shows we are on, people are talking about you, you’re starting to be damn good, I know who I am, I know what my life is,” she shared Bravo personality with.

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