Thursday, December 2, 2021

Rayna accuses Jake of being “aggressive” with her, “Below Deck” fans say he’s doing his job

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“Is Rayna serious right now? She’s upset because Jake didn’t treat her preferentially? #BelowDeck, “commented a fan

Crew romances rarely end well, and no one knows this better than Below Deck fans. Season 9 of the hit show The Bravo may only be four episodes old, but the new crew members have already set their eyes on each other. Since the first time they saw each other, sparks had started flying between deck team members Jake Foulger and Rayna Lindsey.

Jake wasted no time addressing Rayna. The flirtatious deckhand played the game perfectly, and by the end of their first charter, Rayna and Jake were busy making out. It looks like Jake was lucky as he not only managed to win Rayna’s heart but was promoted to chief deckhand towards the end of the first charter. After Captain Lee Rosbach and the first officer, Eddie Lucas gave him the promotion, which they expressed how they believed in him and asked him not to abandon the team. Jake happily accepted and promised to do his best.


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When Jake brought this big news to the crew, everyone was happy for him, especially Rayna. She had a feeling that his promotion could be used to her advantage since she had kissed him and they were spending a moment together. Unfortunately for Rayna, she soon realized that Jake was not in favor of favor and treated all of his team members equally. On the recent episode of ‘Below Deck’, Rayna and Jake were in tune when Jake started pushing Rayna to do her job right. As a newly promoted deckhand, Jake wanted to prove that he could be a good leader and challenged his team to do their job properly and efficiently. When he started giving orders to Rayna, she was very offended and felt that he was “disrespectful” and “aggressive” towards her.

Jake asked Rayna to gain weight and join the teamwork, but she didn’t take his suggestions well and instead went to Eddie and complained about Jake’s behavior. She expressed that Jake was aggressive towards her and stated that she would not tolerate his disrespect. Eddie tried to calm the situation down by pointing out that Jake is still trying to fit into his new role and that he’s doing a fantastic job on the team.

Fans also took Eddie and Jake’s side, slamming Rayna over her false accusations against Jake. The fans felt that Jake was just doing his job and that she was overreacting. One fan tweeted, “Rayna kissed Jake and she expected him not to do his job? He was promoted to girl. Bring your shit together. “Rayna is so extra just because Jake (the main decker) is doing his job! #BelowDeck, “wrote one fan. Another fan added,” Jake didn’t say anything disrespectful to Rayna … work is work and he’s her boss now. #BelowDeck. ” “Rayna Rayna Rayna Jake wasn’t overly aggressive. I think you thought, since you kissed, you had it easy and then found out that you actually have to work #belowdeck, “said one fan.

Another fan shared, “Jake didn’t do anything to Rayna other than tell her what to do and call her if she doesn’t. Is that your first job? #BelowDeck. “” Rayna turned on Jake very quickly! She’s just mad that he treats her the same as the others – I think messing around with someone on your first night didn’t give you special treatment #BelowDeck, “repeated one fan.” Is Rayna serious right now? She pissed off that Jake didn’t favor her? #belowDeck, “said an amused fan.

‘Below Deck’ season 9 airs every Monday at 9/8 a.m. on Bravo.

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