Monday, October 25, 2021

Raiders trainer Jon Gruden resigns after revealing his misogynistic, homophobic emails

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“Gruden is rightly unemployed, but he’s far from the only person in the league who thinks and talks like that,” tweeted reporter Mike Jones

Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden was forced to resign after the New York Times published a shocking synopsis in his personal emails for over a decade. It was discovered that Gruden used “misogynist”, “homophobic” language in his emails for almost a decade. It was even alleged that he used “anti-gay” slurs and racist language in his older emails sent prior to his appointment as Raiders trainer in 2018.

Gruden was brutally slammed on Twitter by Raiders fans, who unanimously supported his decision to resign. In a statement published by him, Gruden said: “I love the Raiders and don’t want to be a distraction. Thank you to all of the Raider Nation players, coaches, staff, and fans. I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone. “Meanwhile, after posting his offensive email comments, actor Anson Mount expressed his disappointment in being a Jon Gruden fan.” I can say that I’ve been a fan of Jon Gruden for most of his coaching career. Brilliant leader, brilliant speaker … and then acted when that shit was exposed, “tweeted Mount.


Just a few days ago, the Wall Street Journal published a scathing revelation about Gruden alleging that he used racist language in a 2011 email to refer to NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith. When the NFL scoured over 650,000 emails exchanged between men in prominent positions, Jon Gruden’s shocking email came to light after investigating workplace misconduct with the Washington soccer team. It dates from the time he was working for ESPN as a senior analyst on Monday Night Football. ESPN acknowledged Gruden’s frequent involvement in problematic communications, saying, “The comments are clearly offensive under all circumstances.”

In addition, Gruden also criticized players in 2017 for calling on Roger Goodell to support their protests against racial equality and criminal justice reforms. “He has to hide in his concussion log,” he had remarked shockingly. The 58-year-old expert, a well-known Republican, also beat Eric Reid, the player who mostly went on his knees during the national anthem.

In the latest New York Times report, Gruden is accused of exchanging obscene emails with Bruce Allen, then president of the Washington Football team. Gruden and Allen shared photos of women in bikini bottoms, including cheerleaders for the Washington team.

The former Raiders trainer also showed his displeasure with the hiring of female officials as referees. In 2017, he responded to a sexist meme about a female officer that said, “Nice work, Roger.” He also often insulted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell as “clueless” and “anti-football” and slapped him for drawing “queers” in the NFL.

USA Today columnist Nancy Armor tweeted about the Gruden situation, saying, “Jon Gruden was right when he said he didn’t have an” ounce of racism “in him. It’s more like a ton. Along with misogyny, homophobia and every other brand of bigotry. But as shocking as his emails were, there’s more in the NFL where that came from. “

“Really crazy that Gruden came out after email # 1 to claim he was a totally amazing guy who, for whatever reason, hadn’t harmed anyone, even though he knew full well there were 6,000 other emails out there. Mails were floating around, ”TV producer Michael Schur aka Ken Tremendous tweeted.

NFL reporter Mike Jones pointed out, “The sad thing is, yes, Gruden is rightly unemployed, but he’s nowhere near the only person in the league who thinks and talks like that. That’s why he felt so comfortable communicating like this. “

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