Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Putin ridicules “handsome” US news anchor about gas war with Europe: “Didn’t hear me”

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“Beautiful woman, pretty, I’ll tell her just one thing. She immediately tells me the opposite, as if she hadn’t heard what I said, “said Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin called an American news anchor for ignoring his comments on the gas war with Europe. He also got backsliding compliments about her appearance, which meant that she was too “beautiful” to be intelligent. The 69-year-old Russian leader gave an interview to CNBC journalist Hadley Gamble at Russian Energy Week, insisting he never shut the taps to Europe and denied the use of gas for geopolitical benefit.

Putin turned to Gamble and said, “Beautiful woman, beautiful, I’ll just tell her one thing. She immediately tells me the opposite, as if she hadn’t heard what I said. Well, I’ll repeat it one more time for you. ”But when the journalist responded by interrupting him between his testimony and saying to the President that she“ heard ”him well while mentioning that her point was why it was largest country in the world took so much time to take note of the gas supply issue. Putin replied, “Look, you just said, ‘You are not delivering gas to Europe through pipelines.’ You are being misled. ‘”

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During the interview, Putin, who only became president on the last day of 1999, when it came to his plans for the future, suggested that he might become the leader of Russia again. Gamble asked her about his successor, but he replied, “I prefer not to answer such questions. There is still a lot of time until the next elections. Discussions on this topic destabilize the situation ”before he adds:“ The situation must be calm and stable, so that all instances, all state structures work confidently and look to the future calmly. Yes, the constitution allows me to run for the next term. But no decisions have been made yet. “

Meanwhile, there has been speculation that Putin suffers from coronavirus, but he refuted those reports. Also when the politician Valentina Matviyenko, spokeswoman for the Russian upper house, said to him on a television program: “You coughed at the meeting – we were all concerned. We are concerned about your health, “he replied,” don’t worry, everything is fine. Not just for Covid-19, but all other infections are tested almost daily. So everything is fine. “

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