Monday, November 29, 2021

‘Project Runway’: Will Bones Jones’s Ego Cause Him To Be Eliminated? Fans say “be humble”

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‘Bones’ mouth will send him home !! #ProjectRunway, ‘said a fan

Bones Jones, the 30-year-old designer from Brooklyn, New York, never hesitated to speak up and that often gets him into trouble. Right from the start, Bones managed to get everyone’s attention when he caught up with Christian Siriano in the premiere episode of “Project Runway” season 19. The designer cited Siriano’s helpful suggestions as the “outside voice”, which was obviously the plumage. Bones later apologized to Siriano and tried to make peace.

Even though he rubs Siriano the wrong way with his harsh comments, Bones obviously doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson. On the recent episode of Project Runway, Bones was seen again sounding with the judges, especially Brandon Maxwell. After seeing the design of Bones, Brandon gave him the feedback to find his voice and bring it to the stage. Bones was really annoyed with Brandon’s feedback and spoke back to the judge saying he knows exactly who he is and is comfortable with his aesthetic. He also pointed out that Brandon had given him the same feedback the week before, which has reportedly confused Bones.


Brandon tried to explain what he meant by pointing out that the design of Bones looked a little too overwhelming and over the top. Although Bones tried to play it cool, his defensive stance and reluctance to take constructive feedback from the judges were noticed by everyone. After seeing Bones respond with the judges and seem very reluctant to even hear their feedback, fans wondered if the young designer’s ego could get in the way of winning the competition despite being a really good designer.

One fan tweeted: “Bones have to keep his ego in check! #ProjectRunway. “Another fan wrote,” I say it every week, but Bones MUST get that ego under control. You want these people to give you the win; stop ripping off heads and listen. #ProjectRunway. ” “Bones is talented but he’s cocky, self-righteous, doesn’t listen to criticism in order to absorb it and learn from it. His ego is HUGE. Be a humble guy. Being important yourself never gives you the credibility to be taken seriously. #ProjectRunway, “observed a fan.

Another fan shared, “The judges don’t like Bones’ confidence that he’s not playing ‘humble’, and they clearly don’t like #projectrunway.” “Bones’ mouth will send him home !! #ProjectRunway,” explained one fan. “Bones is very cocky #ProjectRunway,” added one fan.

‘Project Runway’ Season 19 airs every Thursday at 9/8 a.m. on Bravo.

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