Sunday, June 26, 2022

Procter & Gamble makes the ridiculous claim that AMY SCHUMER is to blame for the tampon shortage

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The company says its Schumer-led campaign sparked a rush for tampons that left no choice but to keep the factory running 24 hours a day

After the baby food shortage, a shortage of tampons in parts of the US is causing women concern. Midway through the issue, one of the major manufacturers of feminine hygiene products, Procter & Gamble, blamed Amy Schumer for the problem, according to Time Magazine.

Back in 2020, Procter & Gamble hired the comedian for its Tampax ad campaign. However, the company has now explained that the campaign has sparked a rush for tampons, leaving it with no choice but to keep the factory running 24 hours a day to keep up with soaring demand.


Schumer, 41, appeared in ads for Tampax with the goal of normalizing conversations about menstruation. Time wrote, “Ask Procter & Gamble why it’s so hard to find tampons these days, and the company will blame Amy Schumer in 2020.”

“Retail sales growth has exploded,” company spokeswoman Cheri McMaster reportedly said. She added that demand has increased 7.7% since Schumer starred in the commercial, which appears to indicate how her star power had the desired effect on her sales, but it eventually backfired.

Back in 2020, P&G enthusiastically announced its partnership with Schumer. “When we decided to focus on tampon and menstrual education, we knew Amy Schumer was a perfect fit because Amy will stop at nothing,” they said in a press release.

“Our goal is to make period and tampon talk as normal as periods, and the first step is to make people feel comfortable talking about it,” they added. “We hope this partnership and our new immersive ‘edutainment’ timeframe and tampon content will inspire more people to laugh, talk and learn about it.”

However, Time reporter Alana Semuels questioned whether contemporary commercials alone have the power to cause such a problem. Other tampon brands like Playtex are also struggling with supply shortages, but they don’t blame Schumer. Time also claimed that the Covid-19 pandemic could be partly to blame. During the pandemic, materials like cotton, plastic and wood pulp used to make tampons have been in high demand for making masks and other personal protective equipment. This could have put pressure on the supply chain. Plant closures and staff shortages also contribute to this.

Procter & Gamble’s bizarre claims drew criticism on social media. “I’m sorry, WTF did you just say?” wrote one user. Another commented: “I doubt the ad was the cause. Most likely a supply chain issue like everything else.” “So YOU ​​HIRED someone to do the job AND SHE DID IT and now YOU are bi***ing!? You can’t make that shit up!” said one user.

“Didn’t they hire her to promote their product? Just a bunch of lies and excuses,” said one user. “Ridiculous,” wrote another.

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