Sunday, December 5, 2021

Pro confirms they will be returning to DWTS for ‘another year’

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Longtime “Dancing With the Stars” dancer Cheryl Burke has been with us almost from the start and has started talking about retirement – she is 37 and wants to start a family with her husband, actor Matthew Lawrence. But on a recent episode of her podcast, Cheryl confirmed that she has “another year” in her dance career. Here’s what she had to say.

On the November 9 episode of Cheryl’s “Pretty Messed Up: Dancing With Myself” podcast, Cheryl welcomed her “Dancing With the Stars” pro Witney Carson. When conversations turned to babies – Witney welcomed their first child in January 2021 and said she could take “Dancing With the Stars” off next year to have baby # 2 – Cheryl said she believed she had “one more Year ”on the show. She also confessed that she was “so nervous” about getting pregnant and then, as a dancer in her late 30s, trying to recover from the pregnancy.

“Some women were pregnant on this show and they literally recovered within months. That’s just not – I’m 37. I have to put everything into perspective that my body is already aching without being pregnant. Can you imagine? “Said Cheryl, adding,” I want to know that I’m done with this place in my life and I think it won’t hurt to wait another year. I have to freeze my balls and be very nervous about it, I will probably have to do this this year, which means that I have to take off my contraceptives, which means that I am totally paranoid [gaining weight]. “

Cheryl went on to say that she has body dysmorphia because she is in the world of competitive ballroom dancing and the TV viewers’ comments are not helping, so she is very nervous about gaining weight between seasons and then gaining weight when she eventually becomes pregnant will.

But Witney assured her that when the day came she wouldn’t feel that way.

“You won’t even think about your body after you’ve done it [a baby] – I mean, yes, you will think about it. But it’s funny … being pregnant, you’re huge and pregnant and you just think ‘that’s the worst’ at 39 weeks. Hit thirty-eight weeks and I think, ‘I’m done.’ Get the tongs, get me the suction cup that sucks the baby out like I have to get this baby out, ”Witney said with a laugh, and added,“ I was huge, Cheryl. I was huge. “

After giving birth to baby Leo in January 2021, Witney said her recovery from the caesarean section was “really tough” – she had an emergency caesarean section when baby Leo became entangled in her pelvis.

“My recovery from the caesarean section has been really, really, really tough. I couldn’t even get out of bed … after probably five days I was able to walk. The day after my caesarean section it was really hard to get up and go to the bathroom, “said Witney, adding,” I think I had a little baby blues. It wasn’t exactly postpartum depression, but it was definitely anxiety. “

Cheryl responded to all of this with, “It scares me even more about having children. But it just shows you how strong women are. “

Witney said it was all worth it and said it was “the best feeling” having baby Leo placed on her chest.

“I can’t describe it, it was the best feeling in the world,” said Witney.

She also said she was “so scared” about trying to get back in shape for “Dancing With the Stars” so she would understand why Cheryl would want to finish the show first.

“I just focused on getting in shape, for example in terms of endurance, because this show is a beast. I was so scared. I thought, ‘I’m scared to get back on the show,’ “Witney admitted.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time on ABC.

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