Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Priscilla Presley steals the spotlight as she nets her own $1M biopic

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The Priscilla Presley film is directed by Sofia Coppola and star newcomer Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla and Euphoria star Jacob Elordi as Elvis Presley

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: Priscilla Presley is planning to take the spotlight this time after being brought to tears by Baz Luhrmann’s film ‘Elvis’, named after her late husband Elvis Presley, which follows his life story, but now Priscilla has stolen the spotlight She earns $1 million for her own biopic, Priscilla.

The film focuses on Priscilla Presley’s marriage to Elvis from her perspective and is based on her best-selling 1985 memoir, Elvis and Me. The film is directed and written by Academy Award-winning actress Sofia Coppola, who described the script as “intimate.” ‘ describes and covers the view not offered in the Elvis film. “It’s a love story, it starts when they fall in love and ends when their love story ends,” a source told the Daily Mail.


Priscilla met the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis when she was 14 and initially they were pen pals as Priscilla lived in Germany and Elvis lived in America. At the age of 17, Priscilla moved in with Elvis at his parents’ house. 22-year-old Priscilla married Elvis, 10 years her senior, in Vegas in 1967. They had their only child, Lisa Marie Presley, in 1968, but after six years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1973. Now, after 50 years, Priscilla Presley’s marriage to Elvis is set to be rekindled on the big screen for audiences to experience only the love story can see from her story. Priscilla confessed her marriage to Elvis broke up because he was “unfaithful”. Priscilla left Elvis after falling in love with a karate teacher and the King of Rock and Roll died of a heart attack at the age of 42.

The film will star newcomer to Mare of Easttown, Cailee Spaeny, who will play Priscilla Presley, and Euphoria star Jacob Elordi, an Australian, who will play Elvis Presley, and the film will soon begin filming in Canada . “Director Coppola is also producing the project alongside Lorenzo Miele of The Apartment (a Fremantle company) and A24. Charles Finch, the British publisher and producer, is also co-producing through his Sony-based film company Standalone,” sources reported. Further income comes from the licensing of Elvis songs. Baz Luhrmann’s version of Elvis, starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, grossed $20 million in music alone. While Elvis will soon be back on the big screen as a cartoon in adult animation. Created by Sony Pictures Animation, the Netflix series follows Elvis as he joins a secret government spy program while continuing to go about his daily business. Character designer Rob Valley said at an animation festival in Annecy, France in June, “I wanted him to look gorgeous and dangerous.” Priscilla Presley, who is also executive producer on the show, says she’s worried about the script, she says that the script sometimes makes her go, “God, Elvis would never say that!”

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