Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s role in an upcoming state visit will cement their place in the royal family

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Prince William and Kate Middleton – and the rest of the royal family – are preparing for a state visit. While King Charles III is technically the host, the Prince and Princess of Wales will also play important roles. Advance what William and Kate will be doing during the state visit. Plus, a look at her latest state dinner (tiaras included).

After a three-year hiatus due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), a state visit is finally here. Two days in the UK are on the agenda of Cyril Ramaphona, President of South Africa.

He will attend a white tie banquet at Buckingham Palace on November 22nd. Not only will it be attended by a number of royals, it is also a state visit with many firsts. It is the king’s first state visit since he ascended the throne. It is also Camilla’s first as Queen Consort.

The same goes for William and Kate and their new titles as the Prince and Princess of Wales. It is also the first state visit by the royal family since the death of Queen Elizabeth.

A royal reception. While there will be no shortage of pageantry and circumstance, this state visit begins with a rather low-key — but important — event. The prelude is none other than William and Kate. They will be the first royal faces President Ramaphosa sees. Essentially the Royal Welcoming Committee.

When the President arrives in England on November 22nd, William and Kate will be there to say hello on behalf of King Charles. The trio are officially welcomed to London’s Corinthia Hotel (via the Royal Family’s website).

First impressions can be crucial, whether international diplomacy or not. Sometimes they can even enter or end a relationship. As William and Kate greet the President, it’s clear just how significant their positions in the royal family have become. After all, William is now first in line to the throne and Kate is a future queen.

Her commitment to the state visit doesn’t end with greeting Ramaphosa. William and Kate will accompany him to Horse Guards Parade where he will be given a ceremonial welcome by King Charles and Camilla. When that is over, everyone rides back to the palace in a carriage procession.

The last state visit involving William and Kate was in 2019 when then-US President Donald Trump traveled to the UK. They were among the guests at a lavish state dinner at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth.

Notably, William and Kate have not been spotted in public encounters with Trump. However, they were only a few seats apart.

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