Friday, January 13, 2023

Prince William and Kate Middleton are sending a subtle message with matching outfits, style experts say

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Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the opening of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in matching outfits. Prince William joked that the coordinating attire was down to a “closet mess,” but style experts share the subtle message the Prince and Princess of Wales were conveying with the fashion choice.

Prince William and Kate wore matching outfits during the visit, with William wearing a green jumper and blue blazer and Kate wearing a blue and green tartan jacket over a navy blue dress and Princess Diana’s sapphire earrings.

At a meeting with healthcare workers, staff and patients, someone commented on matching outfits. “Yeah I know it was a bit of a wardrobe mess this morning,” William was heard saying to a woman, who said they “coordinated,” according to a report by The Mirror.

Interestingly, King Charles wore a tartan kilt on his visit to Aboyne and Mid Deeside Community Shed in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire on the same day.

The coordinated outfits are reminiscent of Meghan Markle’s claim in the Netflix documentaries Harry & Megan. She said she wears neutral clothing and avoids wearing the same colors as other members of the royal family.

“As far as I know, you can never wear the same color as Her Majesty when there’s a group event,” she said. “But then you should never wear the same color as any of the other older family members.”

Three style experts gave their thoughts and told Express the importance of William and Kate’s fashion choices.

Molly Elizabeth Agnew, Founder of Eternal Goddess Fashion Publication, stated: “Blue and green are colors that are strongly associated with peace and tranquility, whether we consciously realize it or not. These muted winter tones don’t scream in our faces, they’re relaxed and, most importantly, down-to-earth.”

She added: “This is a color combo that we’ve been leaning on Kate quite heavily for the last few months as she wore a stunning Burberry tartan dress during her visit to Boston.”

The pair’s color matching sent a message of unity, according to Agnew. “Kate and William will undoubtedly be supportive of each other these days, and their styling team will have made a conscious effort to show their unity through their clothing choices.”

She added: “Fashion is a wonderful tool for speaking without words and such matching says all that needs to be said. They show themselves as a team.”

Megan Watkins, Head Stylist at SilkFed, provided additional details on the importance of Kate and William’s color matching. “Blue and green are both colors of nature and symbolize peace,” she said. “On an individual level, green can stand for new beginnings and blue for rest.”

Watkins continued, “The colors are deep in color and quite regal in nature, suggesting that despite the current media storm surrounding Prince Harry and the Royal Family, the Prince and Princess are determined to continue with their duties as per usual routine.”

According to Watkins, the matching outfits convey unity, noting, “The timing of this subsequent book release from Prince Harry seems to indicate that the couple is on a united front.”

Bella Hignett, the founder of Bella Hignett Styling, reiterated the idea of ​​”presenting a unified front in those colors,” saying the choice was “everything very carefully considered.”

Calling the choice “carefully curated togetherness,” she added, “But safe and not ostentatious, just like her.” Don’t reveal too much.”

Hignett also addressed the meaning of the colors. “Green typically represents security, love and growth, and has often been worn by royals throughout history to represent calm and stability,” she said. “Blue represents authority (blue blood etc.), trust, intelligence and loyalty. Many politicians wear naval suits when delivering important speeches and messages.”

She added: “It all reminds me so much of Princess Diana wearing clothes with such a strong impact. Clothing can say so much in subtle ways.”

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