Saturday, January 21, 2023

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘win’ the ‘game’ despite falling popularity in polls

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Can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lay down spare part as profit? The Duke of Sussex’s long-awaited memoir has achieved record-breaking sales since its debut. However, polls show that the royal couple’s popularity has plummeted. Ahead, why some commenters say the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “winning” while others say it’s unclear.

Polling data afterwards spare partThe January 10 publication shows that Harry and Meghan’s popularity has taken a hit.

On behalf of Newsweek, the consulting firm Redfield & Wilton collected data on January 16 from 2,000 eligible US voters. The results put Harry on a net approval rating of -7, with 31 percent saying they liked him and 38 percent saying they didn’t like him.

During a month before, in December 2022, when Harry & Megan premiered, Harry’s net approval was +38. That means his popularity dropped by 45 points. Meghan’s popularity has also plummeted. Their net approval dropped 36 points from +23 to -13.

Meanwhile, UK polls from YouGov show the pair are even less popular across the pond since the release of Harry’s memoir.

Despite falling popularity in the polls, Los Angeles Time cultural critic Mary McNamara believes Harry and Meghan have come out on top.

“If the end game is Harry and Meghan regaining popularity in the UK, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen,” she said on the January 19 episode The Order with Audie Cornish.

“But I don’t think they’re trying,” she continued. “I think they’re trying to establish themselves in the United States, in the world, as some kind of diviner of power. Whether that’s legitimate or not, that’s how they’re trying to establish themselves.”

“I’m sure the polls say you’re unpopular in the UK, but his book broke all records, so how unpopular could he be?” McNamara said. “It’s a bit early to tell but who’s winning now? They are. Everyone is talking about her.”

Jack Royston, Newsweek’s chief royal correspondent, who was also a guest on the podcast, wasn’t so sure Harry and Meghan came out on top in the “game.”

“It’s hard to say who wins because there’s no victory point,” he said. “In a game, the point of victory is when the final whistle blows and that point is not at a point between these two ecosystems.”

Royston went on to compare the reaction to Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview in 2021 and that of spare part. “One pretty interesting thing about the American media, I think, is that the atmosphere around Harry and Meghan is very different now than it was in the days and weeks after the Oprah interview,” he said.

“I think maybe Harry and Meghan are starting to be viewed very differently in the sense that people feel a lot better able to sneer at them, which seemed completely unthinkable after the Oprah interview.”

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