Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Prince Harry and Meghan are banned from the balcony at the coronation so private conversations don’t end up in the next book, the commentator argues

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Back in June 2022, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. However, the Sussexes were banned from appearing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping the Color. Now royal observers are wondering if the Duke and Duchess would accept an invitation to King Charles III’s coronation. which will take place on May 6th, and if so, they will also be banned from the balcony.

One commenter believes we will see Harry on the balcony because he is the king’s son. But another believes we won’t see him or Meghan because the royals don’t want their private conversations to leak out or end up in a new book.

During a performance on Good morning BritAuthor and journalist Claudia Joseph discussed the King’s upcoming coronation and why Harry and Meghan may be banned from appearing on the balcony if invited.

“I think if you look back at the Queen’s Jubilee, they weren’t included on the balcony at that point,” Joseph said (per the Daily Mail). “It’s very difficult for the royal family because they’re an institution, they’re a monarchy and that’s their job. Of course there have been times in the past when perhaps the press has been too intrusive and there have been problems, but ultimately the job is to do a good job and keep quiet and not about their feelings and what’s going on in public , to speak .

“And it’s very difficult, because every time Harry and Meghan open their mouths now, they say something critical about the institution, and if they’re on the balcony, that’s going to appear in the next book.”

However, broadcaster Ateh Jewel disagrees. She believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should appear on the balcony with Charles, his wife and the Prince and Princess of Wales to give the whole family a chance to “heal”.

She said: “I think the royal family is an institution and a family and both need to evolve and heal. I think if King Charles – who is also our king and I support the monarchy, he is also a father, he has to use the ‘un’ unconditionally and extend his hand and be the bigger person. The person who has a gesture to help heal their family.”

Jewel added: “What a message it sends across the country that when you speak out about your truth, when you speak about mental health, when you speak about toxic behavior and racism, respond with silence, walls and ex-communication will? [The Sussexes] should be on the balcony.”

A big question was not only whether Harry and Meghan will be invited to the event, but if they do, will they attend.

in the prince Interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby before the release of his memory spare partHarry was asked if he would go to the coronation if he and Meghan were invited.

He replied by saying: “A lot can still happen before then. The door is always open. They have the ball. There’s a lot to talk about and I really hope they’re willing to sit down and talk about it because a lot has happened in six years. And before that too.”

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