Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Prince Andrew could be questioned in court over PRIVATE parts, expert says: ‘Nothing is taboo’

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Prince Andrew could be asked personal questions about his sex life, marriage and body as he fights the lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre

A civil trial of Prince Andrew, who sexually assaulted Virginia Giuffre when she was 17, will now move to the “discovery” phase, where both attorneys will present information about the witnesses and evidence at trial. This comes after a New York judge refused to dismiss the civil suit, prompting the Duke of York to testify at a trial.

Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second eldest son, must defend the civil suit as a private citizen after the Queen agreed to let his military and royal partridges move out. As part of the testimony, Andrew will be asked personal questions about his sex life, marriage and body under oath. This could mean that even his private parts are examined and questioned.


Prince Andrew has criticized the DOJ for claims he refused to cooperate in the Epstein investigation and says he offered help THREE times

Florida trial attorney Spencer Kuvin said in an interview, “Andrew’s horrible BBC Newsnight interview will haunt him.” “He was talking about his wife and daughters. They can now all be legally disposed of. Even the Queen could be hounded by the lawyers who doubt they will do it, but it will be almost impossible for her to do it as sovereign,” Kuvin told the Mirror.

Kuvin continued: “The Duke will no doubt be questioned about his private parts. Nothing is taboo because if a 16-year-old girl can describe the Duke of York’s private parts…” the trial attorney pointed out. He added that Andrew was being questioned “under oath, under penalty of perjury under US law.”

According to legal experts in the United States, Prince Andrew would not have to travel to the United States for the testimony or even the case itself if it went to court. His team could propose an out-of-court settlement, but a source close to the Duke told the Mirror that “is not an option currently being considered”.

Giuffre, 38, is suing Andrew for unspecified damages that Kuvin believes could “easily” exceed $19 million if she wins. She claims she was coerced into having sex with the king by Epstein and Maxwell in 2001 when she was 17, a minor under US law. She claims she was flown to London to sleep with the Duke and then forced to have sex with him in New York and the US Virgin Islands.

Andrew, 61, “completely and categorically” denies her claims. He has stated that he does not recall meeting the accuser and has questioned her claims, including that they danced together at Tramp nightclub in central London in 2001. Prince Andrew could go to court between September and December this year unless he finds additional reasons to dismiss the case.

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