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Power Book II: Ghost: Tariq and Effie are very similar

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Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) will be in a very different mindset when Power Book II: Spirit returns for Season 3. Though he’s trying to get out of the drug game, he’s still reeling from the death of his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Baldwin (Paige Hurd). While he believes he can count on his lover and friend Effie Morales (Alix Lapri), she has dark secrets of her own.

Effie and Tariq have a long history. In fact, they are very similar.

When fans were introduced to Effie power In season 6, when she went to school with Tariq and Brayden (Gianni Paolo), it was clear that she came from a poor background. She revealed she was visiting Choate on a scholarship, and Tariq noticed her old shoes and broken cell phone.

Although she started out selling drugs, she initially worked at the campus bookstore. “Effie’s mother is a mess. But I’ll tell you about that later.” power Universe creator Courtney Kemp revealed in a 2020 Instagram Live, “And if you remember, dear readers of the series, Effie’s brother is dead. He was murdered, so remember that.”

While there are many fans who don’t know Effie, it should be noted that her brother was killed in a robbery gone wrong.

Despite their completely different backgrounds, Tariq and Effie have a lot in common. Both lost siblings and had a strained relationship with at least one parent. Furthermore, both now navigate their lives as young adults without the guidance of their families. “They kind of get along,” Rainey told TV Fanatic. “I feel like out of all of Tariq’s universe, Effie is the one who understands him the most. She understands him more than he understands himself. So just seeing her and her trying to be there for him.”

Lapri had her under control because of the connection between Tariq and Effie. “I think it’s a little bit like you’ve ever had a toxic ex, and sometimes you guys are probably not good for each other sometimes, but then it’s just, ‘Ooh… But…’

Fans still think she and Tariq could get together. After all, their similarities make them two peas in one pod. “Angela viewed Ghost positively, which is a big part of why he chose her over Tasha,” one Redditor said via Express. “As far as we know now, Lauren seems to be the only positive thing towards Effie and Diana. Effie is mostly balance, but Lauren is more on the positive side. Yes, we’re only getting into season 2, but I can see how that plays out. So basically I’m saying Effie will be the long-term relationship, but Lauren will be the winner in the end.”

Unfortunately, once Tariq learns the truth, it’s unlikely that Effie will ever forgive Effie for killing Lauren. Lapri hinted at that Spirit Season 3 will show a massive shift in their relationship. “Yeah, um, not good,” Lapri said on the Wayne Ayers Podcast about Effie and Tariq’s relationship in Season 3. “Not particularly good. I think he’s going to say, ‘Tasha, I just lost the love of my life.’ Like back then in OG power Days, this situation is literal.”

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