Thursday, December 22, 2022

“Power Book II: Ghost”: Fans could meet Davis’ wife in season 3

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Power Book II: Spirit focuses on Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.) following the death of his father, James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick). Tariq has hired criminal defense attorney Davis MacLean (Clifford “Method Man” Smith) to keep him out of jail.

Davis is a womanizer who cares about his money and his impeccable acquittal record. However, in Season 3, fans expect to meet his wife.

Fans have been rocking with Davis since Season 1 of Spirit. Although some aspects of the criminal lawyer’s private life have been exposed, much of it still remains classified. Now fans believe more of his backstory will be revealed in Season 3.

Season 2 introduced Davis’ older brother Theo (Reginald “Redman” Noble), and from what fans have found out, Theo is behind bars for something Davis did back then.

“Theo Rollins used to date his little brother Davis MacLean,” read the character description. “But now they sit on opposite sides of the law, with Theo serving a long sentence and Davis, having won the Tasha St. Patrick case, is now the top defense attorney in New York City. They both know that if the past had been different, Davis could be incarcerated alongside his big brother, but Theo wonders if the guilt is enough for Davis to keep his promise.”

perfomance Universe creator Courtney Kemp said during an Instagram Live that more of Davis’ backstory will be revealed in Season 3. Fans also believe they will meet someone else central to Davis’ life.

Fans were stunned when they were first introduced to Davis. He just seemed to care about his money, his fame and his women. He had longtime affairs with Carrie Milgram (Melanie Liburd) and Paula Matarazzo (Sherri Saum). He also had something sexual with his stylist. Therefore, fans were surprised when it was revealed that Davis was married to a woman named Marilyn MacLean.

Though fans haven’t yet met the famous Mrs. MacLean, she’s still an integral part of Davis’ life. In fact, she’s likely to show up in season 3 to shake up Davis’ world. Kemp says she even has the perfect actor in mind for the role.

Though the legendary rapper seems perfectly at home with his suave and underhanded personality, Method Man says portraying Davis is quite a challenge. “I struggle with some of Davis Maclean’s moral choices that he makes during scenes,” Method Man told The Knockturnal. “But we have great writers and they always justify what he does. Even if it’s hard for me to understand at times, it’s so well written that I eventually get it.”

Season 3 will likely make things more difficult with Davis. Fans know he hired Cooper Saxe (Shane Johnson) to find flaws in his brother Theo’s manslaughter conviction. However, if Saxe finds out the truth, he might also expose the fact that Theo Davis is covering up.

In addition, the introduction of Davis’ wife could rock the defense attorney’s world as well.

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