Sunday, October 17, 2021

Pornstar Kevin James: Map Shows Actor Name As Tennessee’s Top Pornhub Search

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Other quirky Pornhub search terms were “Goth Hospital” in Oklahoma, “Droopy Balls” in Colorado, “Boats” in Florida, and “Racist” in Michigan

Kevin James was trending on Twitter recently for the most confusing reason, leaving users marveling at the secret past of their favorite actor and comedian. An unofficial statewide map of Pornhub’s top search terms made the rounds on social media, where Tennessee’s top search was shockingly “Kevin James”. The incident left the Internet in splinters and sparked a meme feast, among other equally bizarre search terms like “Goth Hospital” in Oklahoma, “Droopy Balls” in Colorado, “Boats” in Florida and “Racist” in Michigan. The source of the map is unclear, and Pornhub has not released an official statement about it.

It didn’t take long to find out the true origin of the Tennessee search term. Allegedly there was supposed to have been a famous porn star named Kevin James who appeared in adult films in the 80s. Originally from Wisconsin, James began his career working in a car factory but entered the adult film industry at age 25. Within 10 years he starred in over 335 porn films. Also known as Kevin Gibson or Kevin Jay, the actor died in 1990.


“Kevin James is the best Porn Hub search in Tennessee and I’m glad I moved,” tweeted one user. Another shared the video of a man at a barbeque shouting “WTF,” which was headed, “Kevin James Finding Out He’s the Most Wanted Topic on PornHub in the state of Tennessee.”

A third user tweeted, “Kevin James is trending because he’s the # 1 search term in Tennessee on PornHub. Forgive me for saying this as an atheist, but you all need Jesus.”

“We’re all talking about Kevin James, but we need to discuss Oklahoma’s choice of the ‘Goth Hospital’ that came out from the box by writer and comedian Mike Drucker.

Another user wrote: “* click to see why Kevin James is trending * I almost had a panic attack …. I’m done with the internet today.”

A user with the handle ‘Perpetual Meh’ claimed to be the original creator of the ‘fake Pornhub card’ when he tweeted, “Every few months my fake Pornhub card with Kevin James and the Goth Hospital goes mega viral and reminds me remember that the original tweet has got 350 likes lol “

In the meantime, the actor has yet to address the angry controversy and questions surrounding his name on Pornhub.

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