Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pokémon Go: How to Get Togedemaru

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Pokemon Go continues to add new Pokémon for players to catch as part of the game’s latest Season of Light. The newest is Togedemaru, a Gen 7 Electric/Steel dual monster also known as the “Roly Poly” Pokémon due to its rounded shape and size. It’s not unique Pokemon Goand can be seen in other titles such as Pokemon Sword and Shieldbut you will definitely want to pick it up in this mobile entry.


Togedemaru was made available in as part of the Test Your Mettle 2022 event Pokemon Go, which takes place during the Season of Light. The event kicked off on September 16, and there are multiple ways to get your hands on one of the Pokemon for yourself.


If you want to make Togedemaru a part of yours Pokemon Go team but need some help figuring out how, we’ve got your back. Check out the ways to get Togedemaru during the Test Your Mettle event and you’ll be glad you went ahead and took care of it before it ended.


You can get your own Togedemaru during the Pokemon Go Test Your Mettle event in one of four ways:


The quickest way to get a Togedemaru during this event is to simply complete the Test Your Mettle: Catch Challenge event. You don’t have to worry about getting a reward you don’t want as Togedemaru is the only one you can get. However, it is also the option that has the least amount of time to complete.


The timed research quest must be completed by 20:00 local time on Wednesday, September 21st. You just have to beat the first stage, which will land you the Pokemon you’re looking for, but that’s only a few days away at the time of release.


Of course, you can also complete One-Star Raids, encounter Togedemaru through luck by catching Pokémon during spawn times, or by activating five Steel-type Pokémon as required by the Field Research task. It’s up to you, but we want you to work faster, not harder.


Pokemon Go is now free to play on iOS and Android.

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