Thursday, May 5, 2022

Piers Morgan calls Kim Kardashian “creepy and fake” for wearing a Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala

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“Marilyn will be turning in her grave at this talentless waste that is hijacking and sullying her brand,” Morgan wrote on Twitter

Piers Morgan has hit out at the “talented” Kim Kardashian after she decided to wear one of Marylin Monroe’s iconic dresses to the Met Gala this year. Kim wore Monroe’s iconic skin-tight light pink beaded dress at May 2nd, Monday’s high fashion event. In 1962, Monroe wore the gorgeous dress and sang a Happy Birthday song to President John F. Kennedy.

Additionally, the 41-year-old reality star and Skims tycoon now has additional Monroe memorabilia after Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! gave her a lock of Monroe’s hair! Museum, same company that donated her outfit. Morgan explained that the “fetishization” of the tragic singer – who described himself as a “waif” and died in an apparent suicide of a tranquilizer overdose at the age of 36 after a series of failed marriages and broken relationships – was “creepy and wrong”. may be.


Morgan wrote on Twitter, “Marilyn will turn in her grave when this talentless spendthrift hijacks and sullies her brand.”

Morgan and Kim have had a long feud since the TV host challenged the reality star over her sex tape in 2016. He approached the businesswoman again in 2019, calling her an “untalented moron” when she was laughed at onstage at the Grammys, and he repeated the “untalented” remark in 2020 when she became a billionaire. He wasn’t shy about his criticism at the time, tweeting: “Says the woman who built her whole career on one sextape. 🙄”

During the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict in March, he slammed “legitimate jerks” Pete Davidson and Kim. The 56-year-old former Good Morning Britain host has slammed Kim, her ex-husband Kanye West and boyfriend Pete for making headlines during the war. “While these three extremely rich, famous and justifiable idiots exchange silly insults, Ukraine explodes with horrific scenes of murder and mayhem,” he said in a Sun article.

Morgan isn’t the only one who has chastised Kim for her choice of outfit for the annual occasion. Kim was slammed by Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart for admitting to drastically reducing her diet to get into her Met Gala dress, and she urged her followers to “stop supporting these stupid, harmful celebrities.” “.

In her Instagram Stories, Reinhart, 25, appeared to respond to Kim’s comments on Vogue on the red carpet, writing, “Walking down a red carpet and doing an interview where you say how hungry you are… because.” You haven’t eaten carbs in the last month…anything to fit in a frigging dress? So wrong very well that millions of young men and women look up to you and listen to your every word. The ignorance is otherworldly disgusting.” Reinhart then appealed to her supporters to “stop supporting these stupid, harmful celebrities whose entire image revolves around their bodies.”

“I’m not generally an angry person, but I swear to god the toxicity of this industry really gets on my nerves at times and I have to do my little Instagram story rants to vent my anger,” Reinhart noted. Ripley believe it or not! The museum loaned Kim the famous dress for the evening, and they also had a special surprise in store for her. They posted a video of the mother-of-four receiving a lock of hair from Monroe, which a Ripley staffer called “either cool or very weird.”

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