Sunday, August 7, 2022

PHOTOS: Wells Adams embraces the epic bachelorette party in a surprising location

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Bachelor in Paradise bartender and fan-favorite Bachelor Nation personality Wells Adams is finally about to wed Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. The couple has kept the exact date and location of their wedding under wraps, but there have been several indications that the couple’s wedding date is just around the corner. One of those marks was a fabulous bachelorette party that Adams recently threw with a bunch of buddies, and it looked like they had an incredible time.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Bachelor in Paradise star shared some details about his bachelorette party during the July 20 episode of his Your Favorite Thing podcast with Brandi Cyrus. He noted that he only returned home the day before recording the podcast, after partying with friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“It takes at least 15 years out of your life,” Adams joked about being the groom at a bachelorette party. He continued, “Stag parties are not for the faint of heart. You’re in the trenches. You’re taking grenades, bullets whizzing by, you’re fighting for your life out there at a bachelor party.” Adams, of course, had attended another bachelor party before this one. However, he pointed out that it’s very different when you’re the star of the show.

The reality TV star joked that a bachelorette party is full of “a bunch of guys going to the limit of alcohol intoxication. They dip their toe in and then step back.” The Bachelor in Paradise star explained, “When you’re the center of everyone’s excitement and anger with shots of tequila, you’re out there fighting for your life.”

Adams revealed a juicy tidbit about where the bachelorette party took place for this great Cabo adventure. Speaking to someone who worked at the house, Adams learned that it had recently been used for a reality television show. He soon found out it was the HBO Max series FBoy Island, which is helmed by former Bachelor producer Elan Gale. Adams texted Gale and other involved producers to let them know where they were, and it sounded like the perfect base for a wild bachelorette party.

The Bachelor in Paradise star joked, “I don’t know why I’m still alive,” after all the parties he’s thrown. He explained that his brother organized everything and they rented a yacht, played a lot of music and played a lot of golf. Adams joked, “I just never want to get divorced because, you know, heartbreak, but I also don’t think I could ever go on a bachelorette party again and be the bachelor.”

Adams invited about a dozen friends to the Cabo extravaganza, and that group included former “Bachelor” Ben Higgins and “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise” veteran Derek Peth. Sharing a photo of the adventure on his Instagram page, Adams wrote, “My bachelorette party was so much fun! JK, I have no idea. I was drunk. But I love all these guys!”

“I remember thinking I was going to beat you after day 1 on the course. Then a few tequila shots later and somehow I landed 4 shots back,” Higgins recalled.

“What bachelor party?” Peth joked.

“It’s a week later and I’m still hungover. Hungover with LOVE for everyone in this photo,” joked another contestant.

“I thought we went to Tahoe,” joked another attendee.

Cyrus previously teased that she would be at the wedding and admitted it will be amazing. Hyland and Adams have already had to postpone their wedding twice due to COVID-19, and it looks like they’re counting down happily to finally tying the knot.

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