Wednesday, October 27, 2021

PHOTOS: Real Housewives star Sutton Stracke finally unveils $ 5.35 million home

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke has finally revealed the photos of her $ 5.35 million home renovation.

During the first part of the four-part “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion, Stracke announced that she had finally moved from Kyle Richard’s rental apartment to her newly renovated home.

The pictures of the house with her closet, kitchen and living room were broadcast on the show and were later shared on Bravo’s website for those who may have missed the original broadcast.

“We moved in last week,” said Sutton Andy Cohen during the reunion. “It feels amazing. Every morning I wake up thinking this is amazing. It’s so cool. I’m so happy.”

In an Instagram post on August 24, Stracke shared a photo from the move-in day with boxes stacked in the house.

“Let the real unpacking begin,” she wrote.

One of Stracke’s season 11 storylines showed that she lived in her co-star’s former home in Bel Air.

We learned in Season 11 that Richards allowed Stracke to move in for a whopping $ 20,000 a month while renovations were going on on their newly purchased home.

“While Sutton waits for her house to be ready, I’m just counting the rent,” said Richards during the season.

“I was really so happy to have her there,” said Richards at the reunion. “She was a great tenant even though she almost burned my house down.”

They both started laughing and Richards showed a photo of the charred stove that Richards later shared on their website when they saw Bravo again.

“It’s not my fault,” laughed Stracke. “I just turned on the fireplace.”

The couple joked about going to court for repairs as Richards didn’t ask for bail.

In the RHOBH episode of September 8th, Stracke explained why this home is so important to her.

“Personally, after my divorce was announced, I was kind of a clam man and ended up at the finish line with a new house, a new Bentley and great friends and lived my best life,” she said. “This house kind of represents my independence as a single woman. I think that’s just so symbolic for me. “

After 16 years of marriage and three children together, Stracke divorced Christian Stracke. She had previously said she was overshadowed by the divorce.

“I had a birthday party, a dinner and he came,” Stracke said during the 10th season of RHOBH, as reported by Reality Tea. “I had no idea he answered and he called me the next day. He flew to Florida and said, ‘You have to get a lawyer.’ “

According to Bravo Bone Collector, as reported by Niki Swift, Stracke did not go back empty-handed when they divorced, leaving with “$ 300,000 per month in spousal support, $ 1,235,000 in cash, the couple’s Los Angeles home, her house in Augusta and an apartment in Venice, Italy. “She also retained” vehicles, a Vespa, partial ownership of two minor league baseball teams, a 44 percent stake in a timber company, countless investment shares and the AMEX Reward Points. “

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