Tuesday, January 17, 2023

PHOTOS: Erin Napier takes unexpected trip with daughters

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Erin Napier had a sudden change of plans.

The HGTV ‘Hometown’ host tries to spend as much time as possible with her daughters Helen, 5, and Mae, 1. Her latest outing with her little ones came yesterday, Jan. 16, when she took her daughters on a trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to visit the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum, which she shared in an Instagram post.

The post included three photos of her daughters playing at the museum, which is actually located down an alleyway in Hattiesburg and features paintings on both sides of buildings and the sidewalk, as well as sculptures of a variety of sizes. Napier’s photos show Helen and Mae jumping onto a crosswalk painted to float off the ground, playing with a door painted pink and a sculpture of a fallen ice cream cone.

“The @hattiesburgpocketmuseum was the coolest way to spend an hour with two curious little girls! An alley full of optical illusion art and micro mini sculpts you must find hidden all around you: so rad,” Napier captioned the post.

While Erin Napier was extremely happy to bring daughters Helen and Mae to the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum, that wasn’t her original intention for last Monday’s outing, as she revealed in the comments section.

As one fan wrote on Napier’s Instagram post: “Did you guys go to the zoo?! We always do both [the zoo and the museum] when in Hattiesburg!’ replied Napier, ‘That was our plan for the day, but they are closed on Mondays in the winter!’

Hattiesburg Zoo is closed on Mondays year-round, but due to reduced winter hours, the zoo is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in January and February. For the rest of the year, the zoo is open Tuesday through Sunday, six days a week.

Luckily, despite the zoo’s unexpected closure, Napier’s mother Karen Rasberry came in handy with the perfect suggestion of how Napier could spend her time in Hattiesburg. Commenting on her daughter’s post, Rasberry said: “I’m glad I made the proposal. Looks like my cute girls had some fun and expanded their imaginations.”

Earlier this week, Erin shared another Instagram post to celebrate the arrival of her Aunt Mae, who came to visit. The photo shows Aunt Mae hugging little Mae, who was named after her.

Napier wrote on the post, “Mae and her namesake: Aunt Mae. She encouraged my creativity SO WELL when I was little, taught me about nature, music and history in the woods of Clark Hill. I love that my babies squeak when they see her coming (and I love even more that she danced to country music with Helen before sitting down for a baby hug).”

Mae also happened to be born in May and will be 2 years old later this spring.

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