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‘Phil Spector murdered her twice’: Lana Clarkson’s pal shares latest memory, says star was looking for love

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The late actress Lana Clarkson was looking for love before she was murdered by record producer Phil Spector in 2003, her friend revealed. Clarkson, who rose to prominence in several Sword and Sorcery films, found herself ready to settle down after a long career.

“I had just seen Lana at Nordstrom,” pal Dianne Bennett told Fox News. Bennett added: “She bought a pair of sensible shoes to wear with her mum because she had been hired to host the VIP room at the House of Blues. She knew I was a matchmaker. She said, ‘I’m ready to get married, and I want you to call me this week. I said, ‘Great!’ Her mother smiled. We were all just laughing and having fun.”


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The true crime series focuses on suspicious murders that took place in the United States and how the police solve them. It also includes interviews with investigators, detectives and victims’ families connected to the cases. Bennett, who testified before the grand jury and took part in the episode titled “Hollywood Horror,” said it was vital that “the truth about her friend comes out.” “I wanted to fight the good fight for Lana,” said Bennett. “There have been so many smear campaigns against them. It was all lies. They wanted to destroy Lana’s reputation. Her story had to be told.”

Clarkson, who was inspired by blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, got her first big break in Hollywood with Fast Times at Ridgemont High in 1982. She has guest-starred on more than 50 TV shows, including hits like Three’s Company. , ‘Knight Rider’, ‘Who’s the Boss?’ and “The Love Boat”. Producer Roger Corman has made a number of films centered around the California native, including Barbarian Queen, which he dubbed “the original Xena.”

Clarkson had not worked in Hollywood for over a year when she died. She took a job at House of Blues to pay the bills while her acting career was on hold. Bennett’s daughter, Pam Krause, who first met Clarkson on set, said the starlet “knew from the start that she wanted to be an actress.” “The last time I saw her, she came to my house,” Krause recalled. “She spoke to me about pursuing a different career path. We remembered the good old days. We laughed and cried at everything we had been through. And it kept coming back to the same thing. Her love was being an actress and being part of the industry. Even if she went in a different direction, it would still tear her from what she ultimately wanted to do.

“My boys were getting ready for school while I was watching the news,” Krause added. “And suddenly I see a big picture of Lana on TV. It was one of the headshots she used to circulate. I perked up because I was like, ‘Wow, Lana is on TV!’ But then I started listening, I heard the words “dead” and “shot.” I just started screaming with all my might. My boys were downstairs and they heard me. They ran up and said, ‘Mom, mom, what’s going on?’ I just kept saying, ‘This can’t be true.’ I had a really hard time engaging with what I was seeing on TV,” Fox News said.

Clarkson was reportedly found collapsed in a chair at Spector’s home in the early hours of February 3, 2003. She reportedly had a bullet in her mouth and was missing some of her front teeth. Based on the testimony of Spector’s limousine driver, the record producer was charged with second-degree murder and convicted in 2009. The driver testified that his boss came out with a gun and blood on his hands and said, “I think I killed someone.” Spector later insisted that Clarkson’s death was an “accidental suicide,” according to the outlet.

Spector’s defense characterized Clarkson as an old unemployed actress with financial problems who feared being evicted. He reportedly said that it was the actress herself who pulled the trigger. “I knew Phil Spector’s defense team was trying to ruin their reputation,” Bennett said. “I was married to a lawyer who deals in entertainment. i know what they are doing They have a lot of dirty tricks. … They twist everything. I always said Phil Spector murdered her twice. First he murdered her. And then he murdered her character.”

“It was total crap,” said Krause. “I felt so bad for her mother, her family. I just felt that as her friends, we had to be her champion and fight for her. We knew that nothing said about Lana was true. Lana wasn’t depressed, suicidal, or washed up. She took her craft very seriously and worked very hard at it. She didn’t let herself be deterred from her path at all. That’s why we kept fighting because they put such a dark cloud around their name. “

“On this trip I met a lot of people who also knew her,” Krause continues. “Everyone I spoke to had nothing but wonderful, radiant things to say about her. She was everyone’s best friend. One common thing that emerged was that she was very encouraging to many people. She had a website and a lot of people [in the industry] reached out and said, “I feel like I’m going in the wrong direction. I do not know what to do. Maybe I should give up.’” “She was so encouraging and tried to cheer up anyone who asked her for help. Even when doors were slammed in her face because she wasn’t the right guy or whatever, she kept pushing forward. She was always this generous, caring person.”

Clarkson met her spector while hosting the VIP room at the House of Blues.

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