Tuesday, September 20, 2022

‘Phantom of the Opera’ Broadway Closure Brings Tears and Cheers

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Phantom of the opera, The longest-running show in Broadway history will come to an end in February, an announcement that has brought tears and cheers aplenty from theater enthusiasts.


Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the musical has been dropping chandeliers on its guests since it opened in 1988 and has become something of a Broadway staple, with the Phantom’s iconic mask a symbol in the theater world. However, after returning from the pandemic, sources reported that the show failed to sell well enough to continue.


According to that New York Postbroke news of the show’s closure on Friday, the show is reportedly losing nearly $1 million a month, and the cast and crew were notified Friday that the point of no return has passed.


In January, the show will commemorate 35 years on Broadway before its final performance on February 18, 2023, much to the dismay of many fans.


“I can’t imagine a world without them Phantom of the opera on Broadway it will literally be the end of the world as we know it,” said one Twitter user.


“I always thought phantom would walk on Broadway forever”, wrote Theater director Andrew Keates. “Quite literally the end of an era.”


“After it was the longest-running show on Broadway Phantom of the opera closes”, said another. “This is the theater world’s equivalent of the death of the Queen.”


“[S]or but Phantom of the opera Closing on Broadway is my last straw and I’m going to be the Joker,” another Phantom of the opera enthusiast wrote.


PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is my age and was the show that got me obsessed with musicals,” another fan tweeted. “I guess I always thought it would always be a part of our lives, like death and taxes. This mask was synonymous with Broadway for me, what iconography will replace it?”


Others might not have been so saddened by the news. A user wrote“If that bothers you Phantom of the opera closing soon on Broadway, you’ve had 35 years to see it. She lives longer than me – let her rest!!”


‘Look I love’The Phantom of the Opera,’ but if it’s true it’s closing on Broadway, then get well soon. said another. “I lost all respect for this production when they let James Barbour play the Phantom for three years *after* he was charged with statutory rape.”


Barbour pleaded guilty to two counts in 2008 involving a 15-year-old boy in 2001 and then played the title role in the Broadway production of Phantom of the opera from February 2015 to December 2017.


Another user on Twitter wrotePhantom of the opera God bless America is finally closing.”


Despite the mixed views, the show has been seen by 19.8 million people on Broadway since 1988, according to Broadway League data, and a great many will be saddened when it disappears.


However, the show will continue to run in other theatrical productions, including a new production in Australia that opened last month and an upcoming Mandarin-language production slated to open in China next year.


latestpagenews.com turned to the Broadway League for comment.

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