Monday, November 29, 2021

People believe they have spotted an alien in the latest images from NASA’s Mars rover

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NASA’s latest images of the Mars rover have convinced people that aliens do indeed exist.

Under her official Twitter account (@NASAPersevere) NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover shared a series of snapshots with its 2.8 million followers.

One of the photos showed a patch of rock with the surface layer removed to allow closer inspection.

A visible tiny white speck has since got social media going after a curious Twitter user asked what they were pointing out – or if it was just “just a little white triangular speck in the rock”.

Of course, his observation sparked much more speculation on social media.

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It was believed that the white marking was a “sign”.

Another said the sighting was definitely “a tiny white alien”, while one joked: “That’s the mouse pointer arrow !!!”

One eagle-eyed user highlighted a second triangle on the right, while another discovered a black hole.

Another pondered, “Can you turn large stones over to see underneath? Something that maybe hasn’t been bothered for thousands of years? Who knows what may be among some of them? “

But one realist added, “I don’t see the same white spot in the second to last photo, even though the other spherical white spot is visible at the edge.

“I bet the Perseverence scientists commented on interesting features but forgot to remove that arrow before making the image available to the public.”

Alien conspiracies have been around for centuries. In fact, a former US Air Force photographer claimed he accidentally caught a UFO on camera.

On reviewing the footage, he claimed that his superiors called him into the office to ask if he was playing a joke after Dr. Robert Jacobs had suggested that the unidentified object “looked like a UFO”.

His boss replied abruptly: “You must never say that again, as far as you are concerned, that never happened,” and accompanied Dr. Jacobs then to the door. He recalled saying, “I don’t need to remind you of the severity of the security breach. I said no, sir. “

“But when I left he leaned over to speak in my ear as if to say something the guys in the suits couldn’t hear.”

“He said, ‘Lieutenant, if you have ever been tortured in the future, somebody pushed you against the wall and they are roasting your corporals, you can tell them it was laser tracking.”

“But in 1964 we never had laser tracking.”


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