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Paul McCartney Revolted Against The Beatles After They Abandoned Him: ‘Temperamental Fool’

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With the Beatles, Paul McCartney was often the most eager to get together to write and record new music. He was the driving force behind getting the band into the studio. Early in the band’s career, before they found huge success, McCartney decided he was tired of being in the role. Once when the rest of the band dumped him for being late, he rebelled against the group. This led to a dispute between McCartney and Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

McCartney was hungry for success, but he nearly ruined the band’s chances of having Epstein as their manager. When Epstein asked the group to meet him, they arrived at a local pub after several drinks. That didn’t bother Epstein as much as the fact that McCartney was absent.

Epstein was reportedly “appalled” by this rudeness and asked George Harrison to call McCartney. Per Expresser shared with the rest of the group that McCartney had just woken up and was in the bathtub. Luckily, Harrison broke the tension with a joke: “He may be very late, but he’ll be very clean.”

When McCartney arrived, Epstein pointed to the band’s lack of decorum as the reason they needed a manager.

“It seems to me that with everything that’s going on, someone should be watching over you,” he said.

The band hired Epstein as their manager, and he helped them on their rapid rise to success. They all got along with him, except for a minor argument with McCartney. When Epstein and the band came to pick up McCartney one night, he told them he was in the bath and they would have to wait.

“I yelled at them to wait, I’d only be staying a few minutes,” McCartney said The Beatles: The Authorized Biography by Hunter Davies. “But by the time I got out, they had all left with Brian. So I said fuck it temperamental jerk that I was. If they can’t be arrogant in waiting for me, I can’t be arrogant in chasing after them. So I sat down and watched TV.”

McCartney also decided to stand up to her because he was a bit embarrassed about always being the most eager of the group.

“I’ve always been the eager one who was always eager to chat with management and make announcements,” he said. “Maybe I was big-headed at first, or maybe I was better at it than the others. However, it always seemed to be me.”

McCartney and Epstein fought over it, but the former soon realized that not making an effort was unnatural for him.

“Sometimes I’d worry that if I was always trying, maybe I was wrong,” he said. “But I realized I was more wrong by not trying.”

Not long after, the Beatles found success outside of Liverpool and McCartney pushed the band further into the recording studio.

“We have to thank Paul for making as many records as we did because, you know, living in the same area, John and I would hang out,” Ringo Starr explained in the documentary George Harrison: Life in the Material World. “It’s like a beautiful day in the garden in England when the phone rang and we always knew it was him.”

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