Sunday, January 16, 2022

Painful Moment Singer Wincent Weiss is injured in the Sat.1 show

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“Got you!” This show is all about speed. Who catches whom the fastest? Wincent Weiss wanted to be at the forefront – and failed painfully.

Every kid can catch, right? Not quite. Finally, the competitions in the Sat 1 show “Catch! The German Catching Championship” are particularly sophisticated and difficult. There are hurdles to be overcome, parkours to be mastered and genuine catching professionals to be left behind. That’s exactly what caught the singer Wincent Weiss on Friday evening.

The 28-year-old went down unhappily during an action. When the musician lost his balance while sprinting through the course, he fell and injured his ankle. Weiss had to be treated medically on site.

The musician shared a picture of the treatment on his Instagram account. You can see it: his thickly bandaged foot. He has already taken off his shoes for this, he sits barefoot on the edge of the field and is annoyed about his injury.

Wincent Weiss: He injured his ankle and showed his bandaged foot on Instagram.  (Source: Wincent Weiss/Instagram)Wincent Weiss: He injured his ankle and showed his bandaged foot on Instagram. (Source: Wincent Weiss/Instagram)

The fall happened while fighting for a place in the final. The pop star’s team was behind in “Catch” and had to face the team around ProSieben presenter Christian Düren in a duel. It was precisely during this challenge that he fell and was unable to get up on his own. Commentator Jan Platte tried a remote diagnosis: “left ankle”. Painfully, Weiss replied, “Shit, that was stupid”.

Later he said: “I twisted my ankle stupidly, just made the wrong move”. But he had apparently already digested the first shock, because Wincent Weiss diagnosed objectively: “Let’s see how badly it’s swollen. Then a diagnosis is made, and then it’s on.”

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