Monday, October 25, 2021

PA teachers threatened to shoot school officials after janitor removed the COVID barrier

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Chad Gerrick is reportedly charged with a terrorist threat offense

YORK, PENNSYLVANIA: An elementary school teacher, Chad Gerrick, 50, was arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot district officials for janitors removing a plastic barrier he put up in his classroom to protect against the spread of COVID-19, quoted as saying Reports. Gerrick is an educator at Sinking Springs Elementary School in York. He is reportedly charged with terrorist threats.

The incident happened last Friday, October 8th, when a cafeteria worker said she heard Gerrick threatened to “shoot all of her” in the county administrative offices, the station quoted an affidavit from Northern York County Regional Police. Police also said the teacher was upset after speaking to administrators about removing the plastic barrier he had erected in his classroom. Speaking of Covid-positive cases at educational institutions, we reported on Marce Herz Middle School in Reno, Nevada, where at least 80 students were exposed to the virus on the first day of school this August. An analysis conducted by Stanford University in early 2021 found the 17 colleges being monitored as superspreaders as cases increased 56% in counties where classes were in person, according to the CDC.


The police report further added that Gerrick also said that if he contracted coronavirus he would “come to school and spread COVID to everyone I can”. Gerrick has been suspended from school pending an investigation. Detectives raiding his home in Manchester Township reportedly confiscated two long guns and one handgun. Meanwhile, the Central York School District noted that Gerricks School will only be operated remotely until Friday due to new coronavirus cases. “Over the holiday weekend, the district continued to receive notifications of several new positive cases of COVID-19,” the district said in a message posted on its website. “A total of 19 cases of COVID-19 have been reported at Sinking Springs Elementary School in the past 14 days.”

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