Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘Overcome yourself’: Tennessee mom’s disappointment after baby’s gender reveal sparks outrage

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The mum has received divided opinion online after sharing the “gender disappointment” she felt after finding out her second child was a different boy

A mother has received divided opinion online after sharing the “gender disappointment” she felt after finding out her second child was a different boy. The Tennessee mom uploaded to TikTok the radically different moods she displayed between her reaction at her gender reveal party and later that night. During the gender reveal event, she opened a smoke cannon filled with blue smoke and seemed delighted, but later recorded herself crying over the reveal.

Nicole Shamlin, the mother, claims she wanted a girl and was disappointed to learn her second child would be a boy. She also didn’t see how she could love her 2 boys equally. She claimed in the post that she “mourned that I’m not having my little girl yet” and that she wondered, “How can I love another boy? Will I replace my first son? how can i love two sons?” However, she wrote in the caption that the feeling only lasted for a day and didn’t last very long. The mum added in a comment, “We are over the moon and blessed to have another boy but I wanted my sincere one.” Share reaction to help others.”


The post was viewed over 250,000 times before being shared across various Reddit groups, where it received over 21,000 votes. Not unexpectedly, given the controversial nature of the topic, viewers were divided by the mom’s revelation. One person wrote: “I’m actually a bit concerned here because this is a real problem for people.” “Be thankful for the opportunity to have not just one child, but two, and the child itself,” added another added. “Then to post a picture of you crying ugly for the world to see. And that’s what she’s supposed to get… what exactly? Sympathy? I don’t understand,” noted another person.

Others, however, expressed more sympathy for the mother-to-be and even spoke of their own experiences that were similar. One person wrote: “It’s sadder than sad cringe. Pregnancy can do strange things to your emotions. I don’t know if that’s what’s happening…” “Sexual disappointment is a real thing and completely normal. For most people, it’s akin to hoping for another red cone, but there’s none. Well, green cones are good too, so you just eat them. It’s a fleeting disappointment that you get over very quickly. By the time you’ve got a baby in your arms (or, by analogy, reached the end of the pack) it’s long forgotten,” explained another user.

“I don’t know why she gets so much hate here. These kinds of thoughts are normal. How much you love your first child is crazy and it seems impossible that you could feel this way about another child, but somehow it makes more sense when it’s a boy and a girl. Of course, when you have them, you realize that there is room in your heart for both – it grows to accommodate. It honestly makes me sad that people think this somehow makes them a bad mom or something,” noted another user.

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