Monday, October 3, 2022

Operation Menai Bridge: Funeral plans for King Charles will begin following the success of Operation London Bridge

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Former Royal Protection Officer Simon Morgan says: “He’s 73 years old, it must be in the back of his mind and by the police.”

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: Operation London Bridge was successfully completed following the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday 19 September. Now, according to former Royal Protection Officer Simon Morgan, Operation Menai Bridge, funeral plans are beginning for the new monarch, King Charles. Operation London Bridge laid down the protocols in place after the death of the 96-year-old monarch.

Speaking to 9 News Australia, Morgan said: “Unfortunately, planning for Operation Menai Bridge will begin in earnest from tomorrow morning.” Though grim and grim, planning the monarch’s funeral was a logistical imperative. The security expert added that this will be the “next big event that we hope to look forward to,” adding: “Even the king said in his assumption that he will take on this role as long as life can.” allowed him.”


With Charles ascending the throne at 73, there has been speculation as to how long he will reign. Since everyone is always “planning a funeral,” the security expert said, “He’s 73 years old, it has to be in the back of his mind, and from the police, we need to start planning for the future again.”

Speaking next about Operation London Bridge, Morgan said: “At this point we saw nothing wrong from the planners’ perspective,” adding that the funeral plans were successfully carried out. “They’re going to watch that tomorrow to see if anything went wrong in the background scenes,” he said. Remarkably, the Queen’s State Funeral was the largest security event conducted by British police in recent years.

Before the funeral, the Queen stayed at Westminster Hall for four days to allow the public to arrive to pay their respects to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. People turned out in great numbers and by the moment the body of the Queen of Scotland arrived at Buckingham Palace, crowds lined the city streets. According to reports, over 10,000 police officers and 4,000 military personnel formed a ring of steel around the city as dignitaries from around the world joined members of the royal family to pay their last respects to the Queen.

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