Wednesday, December 1, 2021

On TV tonight, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP is being analyzed in Queens of Rap on Channel 4

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Greg Davies and Alex Horne crown a Taskmaster winner, and Mary Berry meets people who love to cook for others

A rap song with sexually explicit lyrics? Male hip-hop artists have been making them for decades. During the lockdown, however, two rappers – Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B – broke the internet with a music video for their duet “WAP,” a blatant celebration of female sexuality. Podcaster Poppy Begum travels to Houston and New York – the hometowns of the “WAP” stars – and finds that opinions are divided. Have Megan and Cardi recaptured female sexuality from the objectifying male gaze? The British broadcaster Zeze Millz sees it differently. “It’s definitely not a feminist masterpiece,” she says. “This is soft porn … modern prostitution.”

10 p.m., channel 4

8 p.m., BBC Two

This week, Berry meets those who enjoy cooking for a crowd. In Liverpool, she joins the Homebaked Bakery team, which is a shot on goal from Liverpool FC stadium and takes on the job of feeding the fans on match day. She also meets Andrew, whose passion for feeding led him to build a smokehouse in his garden.

8 p.m., channel 4

In the finals of this first carpentry competition, Misti (a perfectionist who was woodworker twice a week), Charlie (consistent but only in the finals after that disastrous challenge in the drinks cabinet last week) and Radha (great carpentry) instructed to build a garden building. “Basically, you’re building the Eden Project in two days,” jokes Mel Giedroyc after looking at Misti’s design. Meanwhile, Rhada gets so bogged down in gluing pieces of wood that his famous carpentry is in danger of not showing up.

9 p.m., BBC Two

Cardiothoracic surgeon Aman Coonar takes on a demanding case at the Royal Papworth Hospital. His patient, 30-year-old Dannee, developed a persistent cough in early 2020. It’s not what one might think given that date and symptom, but a rare type of tumor in her bronchus – the airways that lead to her lungs. Aman has to operate directly on the pulmonary artery, one of the largest blood vessels in the body that poses great risks.

9 p.m., channel 4

It’s sad to say goodbye to the newest comedians (and Victoria Coren Mitchell) exposed to the whims of Greg Davies and Alex Horne. Whoever casts the Taskmaster nominees deserves some kind of award. Final tasks include drinking a glass of an unknown liquid without closing your mouth, describing the Taskmaster by making letters with his bodies, and making an irresistible proposal to Horns. Guz Khan tries to channel the Godfather films while Morgana Robinson chooses to dress up as a mermaid. Enjoy.

9 p.m., channel 5

The last episode of the impressive three-part series recalls the tragic outcome of the mass breakout from Stalag Luft III. The 76 of the 200 prisoners who escaped had to cross enemy territory to avoid recapture. Eventually 73 were captured, and Hitler ordered more than half of the prisoners to be murdered by the Gestapo. For the three prisoners who escaped capture, the escape became a battle of its own as they crossed Europe to seek safety on Allied territory.

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