Wednesday, December 1, 2021

On the road with a new man in Berlin Melanie Müller: "I’ve tried everything to save marriage"

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After their time at “Celebrity Big Brother”, Melanie Müller and Mike Blümer wanted to work on their relationship. Without success. Instead, the Ballermann singer was seen in the capital with another man and he looks a lot like her Mike.

Melanie Müller is considered a power woman in the ballroom industry. The former porn actress, who became a TV star through the show “Der Bachelor”, is now particularly active as a pop singer “auf Malle”. In 2021 she was also seen on “Celebrity Big Brother”.

There she talked openly about her marital crisis, and spoke to her wife, Mike Blümer, in front of the cameras. It was resolved that they wanted to work on the relationship, especially for the sake of their children. But now the 33-year-old reveals that the salvation of the marriage has failed.

“Before and during ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Mike and I had our problems. Afterwards I tried everything to save the marriage,” the former jungle queen sums up in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. “But Mike wanted to distance himself and have time for himself. That was very difficult for me to process and made me sad.”

Melanie Müller and Mike Blümer: Your marriage can no longer be saved.  (Source: M. Wehnert / imago images)Melanie Müller and Mike Blümer: Your marriage can no longer be saved. (Source: M. Wehnert / imago images)

The fact that her partner no longer properly responded to her attempts to correct the problems brought her to the end of her “emotional powers”. Mike went on vacation with a couple of friends. It was actually planned that Melanie would also travel with them …

She is currently in Berlin. Without her husband, but with a friend. In the photos, which are available to the “Bild” newspaper, both seem familiar. In addition, the man at Melanie Müller’s side looks very similar to her Mike. But that’s not serious between the two of them. She only comforts herself with him. He is neither a new love nor an affair.

Melanie draws a devastating marriage balance: “In the end I was alone for the last few weeks, which was very difficult for me. I have no more strength.” However, she did not talk about a final separation or even a divorce in the interview.

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