Wednesday, December 8, 2021

On the 40th birthday of Bushido: Touching declaration of love to his Anna-Maria

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Anna-Maria Ferchichi has not only just become the mother of triplet daughters, she also celebrated her 40th birthday. Her husband congratulates with loving words.

Eventful days for Anna-Maria Ferchichi: Bushido’s wife gave birth to triplets on Thursday, and two days later she celebrated her 40th birthday. Some of her family members used this occasion to congratulate the mother of eight. For example, Sarah Connor posted a photo of the two sisters on Instagram. She wrote: “Happy birthday big mama!”

Probably the most moving words came from Anna-Maria’s husband. “Today is your birthday, my dear,” writes Bushido in his Instagram story. Actually one would always give presents to the birthday children, but instead she “put three wonderful girls in his arms”.

The 43-year-old not only thanked his wife, but also assured her that she could assume “that our children have the greatest mothers in the world”. “I love you with all my heart and I admire you.” He ends his post with the words: “In good times as well as in bad, I am there for you.” In her own stories, Anna-Maria Ferchichi replied with a “promise” and placed an infinity symbol next to it.

On November 11th, Bushido confirmed on Instagram: “Today the time had finally come. At 12:33, 12:34 and 12:35, my wife gave birth to our three daughters.” The rapper also stated that he was “simply overwhelmed”. “Today I feel more than ever that the family is the most important thing in our life.” He also revealed that his daughters are named Leonora, Naima and Amaya.

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