Monday, October 3, 2022

Olivia Newton-John’s publicist ‘disappointed’ after late actress was banned from ‘In Memoriam’ montage at Emmys

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“Personally very disappointed by the snub,” said Newton-John’s publicist, while the family is still in mourning and is not commenting at this time

Michael Caprio, Newton-John’s publicist, is “angry” and “very disappointed” at the neglect and insists she absolutely deserves to be honored. Each year, the Emmy Awards honors those who have died since the last ceremony, and this year’s montage featured music by John Legend. Several admirers were disappointed that the renowned actor was dropped from the list, even though the event honored some of Hollywood’s most prominent celebrities including Sidney Poitier, Betty White, Bob Saget and Ray Liotta.

SANTA YNEZ VALLEY, CALIFORNIA: Olivia Newton-John, who died August 8 at her Southern California ranch after battling cancer for over three decades, was missing at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony “In Memoriam.”


‘Explain Yourself’: Olivia Newton-John fans slam Emmys for NOT including her in ‘In Memoriam’ tribute

“Personally very disappointed by the snub,” Caprio, her 24-year-old publicist, told TMZ, “while the family is still grieving and is not commenting at this time.” The decision, he argued, was in light of Newton-John’s ” not commensurate with his extensive track record in Hollywood and particularly on television,” the article states.

Newton-John has had a long career, appearing on shows like American Idol, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Glee, and Murphy Brown, as well as starring in TV movies like A Mom for Christmas. She starred as Danny Zuko as Sandy Olsson in the musical film Grease, along with John Travolta, and is probably best known for that role.

Many admirers took to Twitter to express their disappointment at the star’s lack of recognition during this year’s Emmy Awards ceremony. One person wrote: “Each year a tribute is paid to those who have died since the last ceremony, with John Legend providing the soundtrack for this year’s scene. Did the #Emmys Seriously Forget Olivia Newton John in the ‘Memoriam Segment’? ? Shame on you!!!!!”

Another fan wrote: “Wait didn’t the Emmys recognize the death of Olivia Newton John?!? I still feel like she should still have had a mention even if she hasn’t won an Emmy in her life, or maybe that’s just me?!” This other fan, who was “pissed” at the neglect, wrote : “Emmy Awards didn’t include Olivia Newton John in the memoriam tribute, and I’ve never been so angry…”

One fan confused by the neglect of “In Memoriam” wrote, “Did you miss Olivia Newton John in the memorial section of the Emmys or am I blind?” Another fan, who found the entire show “terrible,” wrote: ” Tonight’s Emmy show is just *awful*. Easy. Dreadful. Also, @TelevisionAcad, you are ashamed that you did not include Olivia Newton-John in your In Memoriam tribute.”

TV executives claim she was honored, but according to it was during the Creative Arts Emmys event. “She was recognized at the Creative Arts Emmy In Memoriam, which aired September 10, 2022 on FXX. Creative Arts honors music and composers under its Emmy categories,” read the executive statement, reported by the outlet.

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