Friday, August 12, 2022

‘Ohhh, let’s go!’ Luke Bryan falls on stage for fourth time in one state

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Country superstar Luke Bryan may never want to perform in North Carolina again. Video The ‘American Idol’ judge’s falling onstage during his July 9 concert in Raleigh has gone viral — but it’s just the latest in a string of onstage burials the performer has suffered in this condition.

Bryan opened up about how accident-prone he is in this condition during an interview with in the summer of 2021. When the host launched a video of Bryan falling during a concert in Greensboro, NC in 2014, he exclaimed, “Ohhh, let’s go!”

“That’s one of my three falls in North Carolina,” he said, closing his eyes while trying to remember and count each drop.

“I fell once in North Carolina. The following year I fell twice in shows in North Carolina. Obviously there’s something up there in the moonshine that I don’t need to have before I go on stage,” he joked.

On his fourth documented fall in North Carolina, captured on video and posted on Twitter through Nurse and concert fan Molly ChisamoreBryan probably fell due to a slippery stage as the show had been delayed by rain.

The singer took his time getting up and sang his song “That’s My Kind of Night” while lying on his back for almost a minute. Crew members tried to dry the stage around him with towels, and according to CMT, his stage manager ran to help Bryan up, but the singer wiped him off.

As news of Bryan’s last fall spread, Fans took to Twitter to commend the singer for not missing a beat after his fall, but also to express concern at how accident-prone he has become. One wrote: “Omg it wouldn’t be @lukebryan show if not autumn (again).” Another tweeted, “At least he stayed on stage, he’s so accident prone.” And Charlotte radio station Country 107.3 wrote, “He seems to be falling more here than in any other state.”

Bryan hasn’t publicly commented on this recent fall, but no one would be surprised if he stayed away from the tar heel state for a while.

Bryan brushes off his concert falls as not a big deal, but they are among a long list of frightening situations and pathetic injuries the star has suffered.

For example, during a CMA Fest concert in 2015, fan Jessica Figueroa filmed being blasted onto the stage by a cryo-jet that shoots frozen nitrogen up to 10 feet to create smoke on the stage. As he watched the replay during his interview, he laughed, “It’s called wrong place, wrong time! I happened to be standing right over one. It’s a scary feeling when frozen gas rushes through your nose. But again, you do 100 shows a year and you’re going to have stuff like that. I’m just glad it wasn’t a fire!”

But Bryan’s freak accidents don’t just happen on stage. In March 2021, Bryan posted a blurry Instagram video of a gruesome accident he had while fishing with his guitar tech. USA Today reported that the star hooked his thumb and pierced his hand, with Bryan commenting on the video that he thought the hook had reached his bone. “Leave it to me,” Bryan told viewers. “I ruined the fishing trip, but we’ll be back on the water in about 25 minutes.” After a trip to a local medical center, the two men were back on the boat, as predicted.

Another serious injury occurred in October 2016, just hours before Bryan was scheduled to take the stage in Tennessee. On a 30-mile bike ride with a friend, the singer lost his way, fell off his bike and broke his collarbone, which required surgery. Bryan described the accident in an interview with Taste of Country and was happy he was able to continue performing, albeit with a sling.

For the five-time Entertainer of the Year, the show must go on no matter what. Bryan’s Raised Up Right tour runs through October 2022.

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