Wednesday, November 30, 2022

‘Oh, Tyler figured that out’: Paul Campbell calls co-actor Tyler Hynes ‘natural born baby whisperer’

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Paul Campbell spoke of his co-star Tyler Hynes, “He would take the crying baby, and he would just walk around and whisper things to him.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Actor Tyler Hynes is gifted with many talents, aside from his chauvinistic looks, the star also has some natural talents. According to his co-star Paul Campbell, the 36-year-old star is pretty amazing as a “baby whisperer.” “I think the most surprising thing is how well Tyler handled the babies. He was a born baby whisperer,” Campbell said when asked what was the most surprising thing about Hynes.

He also told People: “He took the crying baby and he just walked around and whispered things to him. andrew [Walker] and I’d just be like, ‘Oh, Tyler figured that out.’ That goes at the top of the résumé!” All three will star in a Hallmark Christmas film, “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” which will feature “three brothers who are forced to work together to raise a baby over the holiday season Read the film’s official synopsis. Discussing the struggle of working off-screen with a baby at eight and a half months, Andrew Walker said, “Working with a baby is so grounding. You’re really at the mercy of the baby .”


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However, they used it to their advantage: “Every time we wanted a crying baby, they brought in the teething baby, and every time they wanted the happier baby, they brought in the other.” Campbell said that the film also about the three siblings and how they all come together during these challenging times: “It’s a love story between three brothers… these three boys rediscovering each other.”

“The emotional arcs and the character arcs are very similar to a traditional rom-com. They can’t stand each other at the beginning of the film, but by the end the three of us are crying in a minivan and talking about their feelings,” he adds. Walker jumps in with a comment, “It’s probably the funnest project I’ve ever been a part of, but it’s grounded with so much heart.”

“Three Wise Men and a Baby” premieres Saturday, November 19 at 8 p.m. ET on the Hallmark Channel.

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