Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Offensive in the first competition for ZDF: Steffen Henssler gets a show on ARD

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“Die Küchenschlacht” has been running on ZDF for 13 years. The ARD now allegedly wants to offer a program competing with the successful cooking show. The main actor is to be professional chef Steffen Henssler.

At Vox, Steffen Henssler regularly competes against prominent amateur cooks on the program “Grill den Henssler”. Now the cook is allegedly having another duel. He should get his own cooking show on ARD, as “Bild” reports. ARD confirmed the production of a pilot episode for the newspaper. Allegedly, the new program is supposed to be an offensive against “The Kitchen Battle” on ZDF.

In “Die Küchenschlacht”, six amateur cooks conjure up dishes they choose themselves in the kitchen alongside well-known TV chefs, which are then tried and evaluated by a juror. Henssler has also been part of the show several times. What exactly the concept of his new ARD show will look like is not yet known.

For the 49-year-old, the new show won’t be the only one on TV. For some time now he has been back in front of the camera for Vox on “Grill den Henssler”. In addition, the “Mälzer und Henssler deliver from” format has been running since September 2021. Both shows will remain in the program, as Vox confirmed at the request of “Bild”.

The fact that ARD “only” seems to focus on a pilot episode for the time being could not be without reason. Most recently, the hamburger failed with several broadcasts.

At ProSieben, “Schlag den Henssler”, the follow-up program to “Schlag den Star”, was canceled due to poor audience ratings. The RTL show “Hensslers Countdown” or the “Topfgeldjäger” broadcast on ZDF were also less successful.

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