Wednesday, October 27, 2021

North Korea says it loves Squid Game because it reflects the “best” capitalist society

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A North Korean propaganda-based website applauded Netflix’s hit original series. Squid game, says the bloody drama shows that South Korea is a country where “corruption and immoral villains” are normal.

On Tuesday, a website called Arirang Meari published an article about the show and how it alludes to the “reality of capitalist society and South Korea” where “people are treated like chess players.”

Squid Game made its Netflix debut last month and reached more than 111 million views in its first month. It tells the story of 456 South Koreans in financial trouble who decide to play six sinister and deadly challenges created by children’s games.

The person who prevails in all six games will receive the cash award of $ 38 million.

“It says it [Squid Game] makes people aware of the sad reality of the vicious South Korean society, in which people are being driven into extreme competition and their humanity is being wiped out, ”says the anonymous article by Arirang Meari.

North Korea’s love of the series seems to overlook the fact that the Squid Game features the heartbreaking story of Kang Sae-byeok (played by Jung Ho-yeon). Kang is a North Korean defector who faced extreme obstacles in order to live better lives for herself and the rest of her family abroad.

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Last February, Reuters reported that countless North Korean media outlets were promoting the Oscar-winning South Korean film parasitewho appreciates the film very much because it shows the gap between rich and poor in South Korea.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un called South Korea’s pop culture a “malignant cancer”. He even put a strict ban on K-pop and Korean dramas in the country.

If some pop culture has been seen or heard, they could face punishments such as imprisonment or forced labor. In addition, the North also investigated the K-pop industry, believing it was using “slave-like exploitation”.

Reply to the comment, The Wall Street Journal reported that the south blasted K-pop music across the border, presumably as an embassy.

Although North Korea continues to point out the problems of life in the south, the population is suffering from excruciating food shortages amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kim’s reign is also known to have any North Korean who tries to flee the country shoot the order to kill him.

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