Monday, September 26, 2022

‘No One’s Happy’: Leonardo DiCaprio and ex Camila Morrone fight over dog custody after nasty breakup, a source reveals

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“Neither of them will give up on her and try to arrange some sort of co-parenting,” a source said

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA: Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio officially ended their relationship on Aug. 31, but things have gotten rocky since then. Certain strong commitments were made over the course of the five-year relationship, one of which involved their dogs, Jack and Jill.

According to RadarOnline, DiCaprio is fighting with his ex Morrone over custody of the Siberian huskies they both adopted as pets. “Leo’s breakup with Camila is far more bitter than his many previous galpals and it’s because of these dogs that he loves like they’re his children,” a source told Radar Online. “Neither of them will give up on her and try to arrange some sort of co-parenting where she has the dogs for a while and he then has them. Nobody is happy about that!”


During quarantine in 2020, DiCaprio, 47, and Morrone, 25, adopted Husky’s siblings. To forestall a possible split, the ex-couple also welcomed Sally, the huskies’ mother. The insider told RadarOnline: “These dogs have earned a reputation all their own for being scrappy and willing to do anything, but Leo and Camila love to spoil them and make a fuss of them. They are very happy dogs – even if the custody situation sucks for their human parents!”

DiCaprio spoke about the time he jumped into the icy water to save the huskies in December 2021. In an interview with his ‘Don’t Look Up’ co-stars for Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Around the Table’ series, DiCaprio explained: “Basically they both fell into a frozen lake. I didn’t understand what you put in one frozen lake does.”

The actor’s co-star Jennifer Lawrence then threw in to help him narrate the role, saying, “One of the dogs fell in and he jumped into the frozen lake to save the dog pond the other is jumped in.” DiCaprio interjected, “Well, the other one started licking the one that drowned, and then we were all in the frozen lake together.”

The Oscar winner said his dogs “didn’t understand the concept of a frozen lake” because they live in California. Adam McKay, who directed the film Don’t Look Up, was also present at the panel and called DiCaprio’s dogs “absolute tornadoes,” which Lawrence agreed, calling them “psychotic.”

Aside from the dog custody battle, DiCaprio is looking forward to a romantic relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid. Last week, the pair were spotted cuddling in New York amid rumors that the ‘Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood’ actor was “actively following” the 27-year-old catwalk beauty. The Daily Mail published pictures of the two snuggling up privately at a celebrity party in New York City, with DiCaprio putting his hand on her leg. Since then, the pictures have gone viral.

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