Sunday, October 2, 2022

‘No one told him’: Prince Harry learned of Queen’s death from online news reports, palace sources say

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A “senior” palace insider claims no one in the royal family informed Prince Harry of the Queen’s death and he got the news from online reports

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: The Duke of Sussex rushed to his beloved grandmother’s bedside for a final goodbye on September 8, the day the longest-serving monarch died aged 96. However, he reportedly arrived more than an hour after Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth had died at Balmoral, the Scottish residence of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Apparently, Prince Harry only found out about the Queen’s death from reading reports online, a “senior” Buckingham Palace insider, who was not named, told Page Six. The source went on to mention that “Harry had been summoned to Scotland that morning by his father, the new King Charles III.”

There was another unnamed palace source who confirmed that “no one in the royal family or anyone else at the palace had actually called Harry to tell him about his grandmother’s death.” Harry reportedly learned the Queen had died after arriving from online reports rather than a family member later that afternoon. He was also traveling separately and not with the other members of the royal family who had flown to Balmoral and were with the Queen when she died.


The above report came after The Telegraph claimed that “Prince Harry was informed by his father, King Charles III, that the Queen was due to leave five minutes before the official announcement on March 8th. responded to the reports in a statement to the Daily Mail. Without specifying when Prince Harry was informed of the Queen’s death, the statement read: “The public was only informed after all family members had been informed.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wed in 2018 and stepped down from their royal roles in January 2020, and now in September 2022, the ex-royal couple have been spending some quality time with their relatives and family members following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. But on Wednesday September 21st, shortly after the Queen’s funeral, Harry and Meghan flew back to the United States after being separated for 3 weeks from their children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, in Montecito, California were. So now it all boils down to one main question – what will happen to these damaged relationships now?

A friend of the Sussexes, Gayle King, who was in London to cover the funeral, told CBS Mornings this week: “There was an effort on both sides … to sort it out somehow.” whether brothers Prince Harry and Prince William patched fences or not.

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