Thursday, September 22, 2022

‘NMISS’? K-pop fans ask why JYPE messes up NMIXX as first comeback also has poor reception

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While NMIXX was often applauded for their live vocals and dance covers of other groups’ songs, their own songs were hit and miss

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Until 2021, fans could always count on JYPE to bring us the perfect K-Pop groups. Since its inception, each of its groups has been talented and successful. Even non-fans know their groups like Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, GOT7, TWICE, DAY6, Stray Kids and Itzy. But this year has been a failure for them as they keep messing up their newest girl group NMIXX. Her debut was dubbed the “worst K-pop debut” by reputable UK news outlets. And unfortunately her first comeback didn’t go any better.

JYPE is one of the Big 4 K-Pop labels (SM, YG, HYBE, JYPE) and their groups always lead K-Pop. However, when we talk about the monster rookies of 2022, NMIXX hasn’t been part of the discussion with mid-tier agency groups like IVE and STAYC, which have been in the spotlight along with aespa and NewJeans. Most unfortunate, however, is that the members of NMIXX are actually good singers and dancers, as they often go viral for their covers. But their own songs were far from satisfying, leading fans to wonder if JYPE is sabotaging them or getting too comfortable with their Big 4 K-Pop label privilege guaranteeing a moderately successful release for NMIXX anyway becomes.


The majority of fans are disappointed with NMIXX

In August, fans were ecstatic when NMIXX announced their debut comeback with the album “ENTWURF” and its lead single “Dice”. But upon its September 19 release, the reaction was mixed, with fans cheering it up and the rest of K-Pop Twitter disappointed. Knetizens, who tried to give NMIXX a second chance due to JYPE’s stellar reputation in the past, left comments such as, “The song is such a freaking disappointment.” Another said, “The song is really that bad… They are all.” so pretty and talented, but they should get better songs.” JYPE’s girl groups have all perfected the dance-pop and bubblegum-pop genres, but NMIXX’s approach to noise music doesn’t seem to work, as one Knetz noted: ” They feel like a boy band cover group.”

The majority of K-pop tweeters agreed that they would get better reception if NMIXX matched their style to their singing and image. “Dice’s choreography was described as chaotic, while fans were dissatisfied with the bias, with some members getting more screen time than others. Ein Knetz commented, “Even the B-sides were better… Can they just give them a song to sing instead? Their vocals are good, but why not take advantage of them?” Another user was brutal: “Nmiss because her songs keep missing.” One added: “Also apart from the song, the MV is so cheap. The styling and sets give a lot… no big 4 vibes…”

However, some fans liked the comeback. One fan wrote, “NMIXX ‘DICE’ MV IS A WORK OF ART.” Another fan tweeted, “Korean media articles refer to nmixx as an ‘all ace group’ and they are not wrong. From visuals, vocals, raps and choreographies? They ate, devoured and slayed this comeback.”

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