Monday, January 16, 2023

“Night Court” revival: Melissa Rauch answers 3 burning questions

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NBC brings back night court. Melissa Rauch is starring and executive producing the revival, which she hopes to call a reboot rather than a reboot. Rauch plays Abby Stone, daughter of the late Harry Stone and the new night judge. John Larroquette returns as Dan Fielding, but the rest of the courtroom is new.

Rauch spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet on Jan. 15 about the night court Revival. She answered three burning questions night court would have fans. night court airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

The original night court gave some of his characters crazy endings in his series finale. The childish bull (Richard Moll) meets aliens and goes with them to their planet. To be fair, they never thought there would be one night court Revival, so they were just having fun with the finale, like Bob Newhart waking up on his old show. Despite this, it is now canon that Bull is abducted by aliens.

“It’s not discussed, but it’s, as you know, part of the show’s mythology,” Rauch said. “Your encyclopedic knowledge of television makes me so happy.”

Judge Harry Stone (Harry Anderson) was a fan of Mel Torme. Torme even had a guest appearance on the show. So Abby has the same taste in music in the night court Revival?

“We haven’t engaged with Mel,” said Rauch. “However, I’d like to believe that’s how it always played out in the walls of Abby’s house growing up.”

And because Anderson was a magician, Stone incorporated magic into his courtroom. Abby will try her hand at magic tricks night court Revival.

“Abby does talk about the magic she loved watching her father do from time to time,” Rauch said. “There’s an episode where we see Abby trying to do that. I think that was such an important part of her life growing up. I think she grew up around magic all over the place and I definitely think it’s a part of her.”

Dan Fielding was Larroquette’s trademark and won him four Emmys. He might have won more, but he retired after four straight Emmy competitions. Dan was always chasing the ladies in and out of court. night court Revival viewers will meet a new Dan Fielding.

“I think like everyone in this lifetime, you will evolve and change over time,” Rauch said. “In any case, it was important that we make sure that this character, like any good person, would have this development. So we debated a lot about what that would be and we think we’re going to show that progression from Dan and how he finally found love.

Larroquette was allowed to do some drama in the original night court. In a classic two-piece suit, he reflected on his love for women. That inspired them night court Revival to update his character.

“He really wanted that,” Rauch remembers. “As much as we all remember him as this womanizer, one of the most easily done episodes, it was a two-part episode of Dan’s surgery, he talks to Harry about the fact that with all these women he’s been with, nobody had ever said i love you. We learn that he really wants this. So in this version we find out that he finally understood that and he found love and lost his love. That really informs who Dan is now when we meet him.

A Night Court veteran, Dan becomes something of a father figure to Abby both in the courtroom and on the show.

Rauch also spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet last year when she launched her charity, Oscar’s Kids. When night court starts, Rauch is still involved in Oscar’s Kid.

“Thank you for asking about Oscar’s children,” Rauch said. “We are very happy about the donations we have collected for children’s cancer research and bring joy to the children on their way to cancer. If anyone wants more information about what we’re up to, it’s [We’re in the] currently in the fundraising phase and are doing as much as we can to raise money for the dedicated DIPG research.”

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