Sunday, October 17, 2021

Nicki Minaj slammed a now-deleted TikTok comment for “bullying” a Leigh Anne fan.

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As a Leigh Ann fan wrote, “Saying not to bully people while bullying someone is called hypocritical no-stop time.

Nicki Minaj has no plans to let the situation between her and Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock cool down. In a now-deleted comment on TikTok, she beat up one of Leigh-Anne’s fans and called her a “thug”. For the uninitiated, Leigh-Anne reportedly accused former bandmate Jesy Nelson of “blackfishing” – a term used to describe a white person trying to have black roots – in leaked messages by British influencer NoHun published on TikTok. Jesy Nelson’s ethnicity became widely debated this year after highlighting a biased article accusing her of using darker makeup. A significant number of Twitter users went into a frenzy after first discovering Nelson was a white woman, while some came to their support, saying singers like Ariana Grande had been “blackfishing” since 2014 with no backlash.

NoHun shared a screengrab from Leigh-Anne who allegedly referred to Nelson as a “terrible person” in his DMS and blocked all of her former bandmates, contrary to reports that didn’t follow her. The screengrab’s credibility has yet to be verified, but it wasn’t long before Leigh Anne and Nelson fans waged a war of words on Twitter as they defended their respective idols. Things were heated to another level after Nicki Minaj decided to be on Nelson’s side, with whom she collaborated on the track ‘Boyz’.


Nicki Minaj calls a Leigh Anne fan a “bully”

“If you want a solo career baby, just say so [out] your own music. We will support you and love you, that’s it. You don’t have to attack another. If this is how you felt, then why did you kikiing with her and playing with her in the videos for 10 years? Now suddenly she is no longer in a video with you and you have something negative to do and say? Stop! “Said Nicki in a live Instagram video and took an indirect potshot of Leigh Anne.

TikTok user @pablothedon commented on Nicki Minaj’s views on this messy situation the former Little Mix bandmates found themselves in. The TikToker, which is on the side of Leigh-Anne, commented: “Hello, my name is Pablo and let me tell you something you can do what you want with this information. You will never catch me on the internet from Beyoncé like that I send a black woman out to defend a white woman if the topic of conversation is blackfishing and how racist it is. “

Nicki responded to the review, which wrote, “Yall love use these trigger words to get ppled & ppl drag me. You’ve probably been bullied a lot too. You’re making videos in your bedroom,” which is viewed as a personal attack on The Creator and the Social media users call on the rapper to be a tyrant herself. The said comment has since been removed.

“Saying not to bully people while bullying someone is called the sanctimonious age of hypocrites. There is no justification for this. You don’t have to tear someone down to build someone else. Nicki should have let Jesy fight her own fights because now she’s without consequences, “tweeted a fan.” Jesy Blackfishn is worse than Nicki could understand. Not only has Jesy ignored warnings about it, she has never supported a black movement to date. Not even blm2020 and Leigh’s documentation on race and colorism not supported. Nicki should have stayed out of it because she gets the hatred, “tweeted a second.” To say for Nicki that people who hold Jesy accountable for blackfishing are sent by Leigh, who has remained silent, is wrong. Hold them accountable, ”wrote a third.

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