Friday, August 5, 2022

Nicki Minaj SHOCKED when cashier mistakes her for rapper Trina, fan prank duo set to release collab

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“I’ve been listening to you all day, that old school shit is my favorite,” the cashier said while mistaking Nicki Minaj for rapper Trina

Nicki Minaj was caught off guard by a bizarre incident at a store when the cashier left her stunned. The cashier was a fan of… TRINA – Rapper famous for songs like ‘Nann Ni*ga’, ‘Look Back At Me’ and more. This funny but bizarre incident was explained by Nicki Minaj in a TikTok video, in which she tells her fans how she stopped at the store after a meeting. She even redirected her Instagram fans to TikTok with a story.

The 39-year-old rapper begins explaining that after completing a meeting, while wearing her glamorous attire and being easily recognizable, she asks her driver to drop her off at a store. Fast forward to when she stands at the checkout and reaches the checkout. According to Nicki Minaj, the cashier looked at her not wanting to blow her cover as she explained, “There are other people right behind me.” The 10-10 Grammy-nominated rapper then leans forward as the cashier, ” clearly trying to tell me something.” The cashier says, “I’ve been listening to you all day, that old school shit is my favorite.” Nicki Minaj doesn’t understand this as she is not an old school artist. The cashier continues, “That about you and Trick Daddy,” clearly mistaking her for Trina. The track the cashier is talking about is “Nann Ni*ga” featuring Trina, her breakthrough song. The video quickly went viral and people couldn’t get enough of it. Check out the video below.


Fans react to Nicki Minaj being mistaken for Trina

The fact that she was mistaken for Trina is funny to fans because they previously worked on a track called “BAPS,” which caused a controversy between the two artists. Trina’s team reportedly accused Nicki Minaj of not encouraging on-track collaboration and Nicki Minaj accused Trina of not having proper control over her team. However, they soon made comments explaining how cool the situation was and how they buried the hatchet. One user said: “So it’s one thing not to recognize Nicki Minaj when she’s two feet from you, right in your face… but choking her for thinking she’s TRINA??????? ??? Another user wrote: “Crying man. Nicki Minaj was funny damn bro thought she was Trina talking about I love this song with a trick daddy Lmmfaooo.”

One user tweeted: “A few things sis. 1) that hair color on you???? first class. A fucking 1!!! My absolute favourite. 2) PLEASE tell me this man didn’t think it was you Trina @NICKIMINAJ” Another user theorized a possible collaboration track with a name and wrote: “Looks like @NICKIMINAJ is in the process of sharing a song @TRINArockstarr called Look-A-like.” Another user said, “Nicki Minaj says a man store thought she was Trina made me cry because Nicki is so serious.

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