Monday, November 29, 2021

Next setback appointment canceled! Concern for Princess Charlène doesn’t stop

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In three days there is a highlight in Monaco. The national holiday on November 19 should be celebrated with the return of Princess Charlène. But now a cancellation causes disillusionment.

Last week, Charlène von Monaco made royal fans happy when she returned home. But hardly in Monaco do the same problems start all over again as in South Africa. The princess seems to continue to suffer from health problems.

As the palace announced in a press release on Tuesday morning, Charlène was not fit enough to keep appointments. Together with Prince Albert, she decided to initiate “a time of rest and relaxation”. This is the best way for the 43-year-old to recover from her “deep general fatigue” and ensure a full recovery.

As the message continues, the former Olympic swimmer will be in a secret location for the next few weeks. For the national holiday that is coming up in a few days, one thing is certain: The mother of the country will not be able to celebrate.

“As soon as her health is better, the princess looks forward to fulfilling her obligations and spending time with the Monegasque”, the press release casts a vague look into the future. A precise period of time for the princess’s recovery is not outlined in the letter. The palace wants to announce more information before Christmas.

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